There is now apparently a European plan to unilaterally declare Jerusalem as the Capital of a Palestinian State.The plan will reportedly be proposed at a monthly meeting of European Union ministers today in Brussels by Sweden, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union.

Since when do foreign countries decide the destiny of another State? And it seems that it is always Israel which has its fate decided on – no other country that I can think of.

Knesset members from across the political spectrum condemned this Swedish led plan by the European Union.  “Jerusalem must never be divided, because it would only enhance the conflict and not solve it,” said Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, ” Dividing the capital would create a volcanic eruption that would not be easy to stop. Splitting sovereignty would bring about complete chaos,” he said, adding that Israel had proven that adherents of Judaism, Islam and Christianity could live together in Jerusalem.

Efforts in Brussels on Monday to get a consensus on the text among the EU ambassadors failed, meaning the foreign ministers themselves will have to delve into the arguments over the text. One Israeli official said it was very rare for a text this substantial to reach the foreign ministerial level without prior agreement. And Israel is concerned that the draft statement prejudges negotiations on Jerusalem and does not make sufficient mention of Israel’s security needs. Nor does it talk about the need for a future Palestinian state to be demilitarized, or for Israel to be a Jewish state.

Apart from Sweden, the other countries supposedly supporting this bill, are England, Ireland and Portugal.The countries that are working to amend the text, are Italy, Hungary, Romania, the Czech Republic and Poland..France and Germany, one official said, are somewhere in the middle.

During Friday prayers last week Muslim terrorists stormed a mosque close to Pakistan’s army headquarters, killing at least 35 people as they sprayed gunfire at worshipers and threw grenades before blowing themselves up.  The strike was part of a wave of bloodshed that has killed more than 400 people in Pakistan since October.  I wonder what the Muslims would say and do if someone of another religion performed a similar act in a mosque.

It’s been raining again here these last few days, and the landscape is turning green, as are all the gardens in my district. But it’s not the gardens which worry us, it’s the general water shortage. Hopefully this will be a rainy winter, although I don’t believe the rise in water prices which I have mentioned before, will go down. And yesterday we heard that the price of electricity will also rise starting next week by 3 and a 1/2%.

I’ll end today with good wishes for those of my readers who celebrate the Hanukkah festival which begins at the end of the week. We’ll have a week of candle lighting (one more for each 8 succeding day) and the traditional food is doughnuts and other things fried in oil, so we’ll probably add a few pounds to our weight :-)  .  Shalom from Irene


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