There are now evidently new rules for some ultra religious schools. Rabbis of a number of congregations insist that the children have no contact with the internet, it may show them “bad” ways of life, and therefore the pupils in their educational institutions must bring a form in writing from their parents that they have no computer connection to the internet. They seem to forget that we are living in the year 2010.
Some weeks ago I mentioned that our opposition leader Tzippi Livni could not visit London for fear of arrest for so-called “war crimes”. Now we hear that the same is happening to a number of Israeli army officers. England so far is the only country with such conditions. And who decides what these “crimes” are”? There are countries purposely committing much worse ones, but these
for reasons “unknown” are ignored.
And again lately more mortar shells are being fired into Israel from Gaza .The Popular Resistance Committee claimed responsibility for this, but they are surely a part of Hamas. Following the attacks, the Defense Ministry closed the Kerem Shalom border crossing until further notice. Dozens of aid-carrying trucks were waiting on the Israeli side to enter the Gaza Strip but were afraid to stay there – so now we are again blamed for stopping supplies. We are now beginning to retaliate, mostly by blowing up tunnels and the Israel Air Force dropped several thousand leaflets over the Gaza Strip in several locations, warning residents there not to come within 300 meters of the border fence between Gaza and Israel and to avoid cooperating with terror operatives – this especially because terrorists have been trying to smuggle themselves into Israel.
On Thursday, Israel  complained to the US administration that the Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad are engaging in incitement by honouring a woman responsible for the worst terrorist attack in Israel’s history, and calling the men who killed Rabbi Meir Avshalom Chai last month martyrs. The woman honoured is Dalal Mughrabi who in 1978 directed the  Coastal Road Massacre, the worst terrorist attack in the country’s history, where gunmen hijacked a bus and murdered 37 people, including 10 children. Mughrabi was killed during the attack.  A ceremony celebrating her 50th birthday took place and the governor of Ramallah named a town square after her. A huge banner at the ceremony read, “Under the auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas, The Political and National Education Authority Ceremony on the anniversary of the birth of the bride of the cosmos, the shahida [martyr] Dalal Mughrabi.” So now you can see what kind of people have squares and roads named after them in the Arab territories.

Israel’s complaint against Fayyad stemmed from his visit to the families of the three slain terrorists accused of killing Rabbi Chai and came, ironically, shortly before US Middle East envoy George Mitchell heaped praise on Fayyad and Abbas Wednesday night during a US television interview. Twice during the interview, on the Charlie Rose show, Mitchell called Fayyad an “impressive leader” and said that he and Abbas represented “strong and effective leadership for the Palestinian people.” 

  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s policy director, Ron Dermer, said in response that “those Palestinian terrorists are murderers, not martyrs. We expect the PA to prepare the Palestinian people to live in peace with Israel and not glorify killers and name public squares after them.”                                                                                  

No more today. Shalom from Irene




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