It is now the Muslim month of Ramadan, when Islamic believers fast for the whole day, for a whole month, only eat in the evening, and our military forces are taking this into account.

Our Israeli Defence Forces in the West Bank have been asked to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking in public, especially at the security crossings.

The soldiers were asked to show a high level of respect and understanding for this Islamic holy month.

Civil Administration representatives met with Palestinian religious authorities and discussed prayer  times and upcoming religious events. I doubt it would have been so if the peoples’ religions were reversed.

The question of direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians has again arisen, our Prime Minister  Natanyahu is for this, especially with American mediation, but as always the Palestinians want certain conditions in advance, conditions we are unable to give.

What the Palestinians are really after is a ‘two-stage solution’ and not a two-state solution.”

First stage is pushing us back to pre-’67 lines, and the second is our destruction.

Article 19 in Chapter One of the Fatah charter states: “Armed struggle is a strategy, not a tactic.  The armed revolution of the Arab Palestinian people is a crucial element in the battle for liberation and for the elimination of the Zionist presence.  This struggle will not stop until the Zionist entity is eliminated and Palestine is liberated.”

So we see that the PLO has refused to give consent to an article in a final agreement that would state “that this agreement puts an end to the conflict and concludes all claims by the parties.”

And thus does the PLO deny the historic connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Since the Turkish flottila to Gaza took place, the relationship between that country and Israel have gone down seriously.

They make so many complaints about us, but few in the world seem to have noticed that Turkey is still fighting with the Kurds in their country and it has been proved that they used chemical weapons against them.

I can only imagine what would have been published if Israel had done this. Turkey, Syria and Iran are now together – best friends as we say. And that can be a danger for the whole world.

Temperatures are still very high these days, about 35-36 Celsius (about 96-degrees) on an average, humidity very high too.

Air conditioners are in constant use,and we are asked not to use too much electricity, in order to prevent an electricity shortage.

I’ll close now.

Shalom from Irene


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