There seems no end to the unrest and riots in different Northern African countries and some other Arab ones. We hear that in Lybia over 600 people were killed and thousands wounded by government forces, who were shooting on the orders of Kadaffi who does not want to give up his rule, unlike what happened in Egypt. I wonder what the world would say if something similar were to happen in Israel. When civilians are killed here by accident, or because they were used as human shields, the countries of the world are all up in arms against us, but when it happens and hundreds, or maybe thousands lose their lives in Muslim countries, they stand still. The strange thing is that Muslims of different sects (Shi’ites and Sunis) fight each other, even though they belong to the same religion.
Two Iranian battle ships are sailing to the Mediteranean Sea, on their way to a port in Syria. They say it is only for exercises!! But who knows the real reason? They will  pass through the Suez Canal on their way and Egypt allows this. Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel views with utmost gravity the intent of Iran to send warships to the Mediteranean. He termed this as an “Iranian attempt to expand their influence in this region”.
And as so often happens, again there was a vote against Israel in the Security Council, because of building in Jerusalem and other so-called Arab areas. We are glad to say that the  U.S.A. vetoed this decision. We had stopped all building for 10 months on the understanding that the Palestinians would hold peace talks with us, but nothing came of this, they did not even want  to begin.

I believe that if a real peace treaty were signed, Israel would evacuate most former Arab areas and give up others – but unfortunately the Arabs don’t want peace, they want the whole of the country.

So why continue the building freeze? Now they want to take our “case” to the General Assembly in the United Nations, where they always have a majority vote of two thirds of its members against Israel. And why are the subjects for discussion always mostly about Israel? So many other bad things are happening in the world,but these don’t interest the U.N.O. !!! 
Now for a complete change of subject, this time concerning our tennis player Shachar Pe’er. She was denied a visa to play in Dubai , a small but rich Arab country in the Persian Gulf two years ago, where an international tennis contest took place. The organizers were angry at this (mixing politics with sport) and said it should not happen again. So now Pe’er is playing there, but evidently for her safety this time she has a security detail and is confined to her hotel room but insists she feels welcome and comfortable in the Gulf city. The tight security — including metal detectors outside the stadium — has not hurt her performance thus far. The 11th-ranked Pe’er won her doubles a week ago on Monday and her opening singles Tuesday, beating Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez of Spain 6-4, 6-1. We all wish her much success in the future.

Shalom from Irene


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