Today I’ll begin by mentioning a rather minor subject, which is the European Song Contest, the “Eurovision” which took place this last Saturday in Moscow. Israel has been taking part in this for many years, and we even came out first a couple of times, when Israel was more popular in the world.

This year Israel finished 16th out of 25 competitors in the finals, which didn’t surprise many of us, seeing how Israel is regarded by so many countries these days. Actually the Israeli singers were an example for peaceful relations, they were Achinoam Nini, who is a well known peace activist – and an Israeli Arab woman singer, Mira Awad. They sang a song in Arabic, Hebrew and English. I think the voting was more political than musical, but even so, I hope those two got their message across.

And now to a more serious topic, this being our Prime Minister, Benjamin Natanyahu’s visit to the U.S.A., and especially his meeting with President Obama yesterday. We are told that this meeting went of well and took longer than was originally planned, but no one really knows if they came to any decision, because on the Israeli side, conditions for a two-state solution must contain security for our country and also a willingness of the Arabs to have a “Jewish State” not just “Two States” as they say. In other words – the Palestinians must display a genuine willingness to coexist peacefully with a neighbouring Jewish State, terrorism must be outlawed, and Israel’s security interests¬† come before all and can not be compromised.

We understand that President Obama openly says that he is aware of the danger Iran poses if they attain nuclear energy for weapons, bombs and missiles, but wants to give Achminijad another chance for ending his program and believes this is bound up with finding a solution between the Arabs and Israel. We all here see no connection between the nuclear danger from Iran and the setting up of a Palestinian state, but that is evidently President Obama’s point of view.

Today Natanyahu will meet with other political figures in Washington. but of course the most important meeting took place yesterday. We do wish him success, he does know well what can and what can’t be done,¬†and hope he will not be pressured into giving in to impossible demands
Our prayers are that Netanyahu will succeed in convincing Obama of the existing threat a nuclear Iran poses not only for the Jewish state, but for the whole world.

Shalom from Irene


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