I expect I’ve mentioned my first subject for today before as Israeli news, but unfortunately it happens continuously. And I am talking about the great number of road accidents. The news programs here so often begin with the large number of these, giving the hight statistics of the number of dead and wounded. There seems no end to this. can it be due to the pressure we live under, the constant fight for security? Or do so relatively many accidents also happen in other countries?

And talking of local happenings – there was another honour killing in an Arab village. A father shot his teen-age daughter to death because he said he believed she was having a romantic affair with a man he thought unsuitable. Even if he had been thought “suitable”, a “good” Muslim girl does not talk with male strangers when not accompanied. This is of course not the only “honour killing” to have been committed, and it probably won’t be the last.


  A few months ago it was mentioned that there might be water rationing here, because of the many drought years and the low level of the Lake Kineret, but now the subject has again arisen and appears to be serious. We will be allowed to use a certain quantity of water, much smaller than formerly mentioned (and according to the number of people living in each home) and those using more will have to pay a much higher price for the water used. Many will be unable to water gardens etc. We can of course understand the reason for this – but it sure will be especially hard on families with small children who have much laundry to wash.

     On Thursday evening we start celebrating another Jewish festival called Shavuot, which is seven weeks after Passover and is said to be the day when Moses received the Torah, the Ten Commandments. In olden times this was also a time of harvesting, and the farmers took their first fruits to the Temple in Jerusalem for the “Cohens” (priests). Nowadays, in many schools here, the children bring baskets of fruits and vegetables in memory of this period and these are later given to poor families.
      That will be all today – no politics, no security problems (which do exist), no scandals.
Shalom from Irene

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