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For the last two days nearly all news programs begin the the plague of locusts which have arrived in millions (yes, millions) in the south of the country – they came originally from Sudan to Egypt and from there many continued here.

We have been spraying the area with chemicals and hopefully our agriculture won’t suffer TOO much.

After over a month of elections, we still have no new government, although at last Natanyahu has begun talking with parties he didn’t want at first.

A few shells fell in the Golan heights area from Syria, they say it was because of the fighting there, by mistake. By mistake? I wonder?

Also a couple of missiles from the Gaza strip – surely not by mistake also.

Six of the wounded Syrians who had been treated in one of our hospitals have been returned to their country. One is still in serious condition and left in hospital.

And some sport news, An Israel participant in windsurfing, Lee Korzits,  at World Championship in Brazil took the world title.

That’s enough for now.

Shalom from Irene


For the last few days I’ve been keeping a sort of diary of what is happening in Israel with the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, and sent copies to my friends abroad, and some of these were published in the Virginia News Source.

So in this blog I am not going to repeat myself, and just write the latest happenings, which are very similar to the former ones.

Yesterday and today (I’m writing at mid-day) the shooting of rockets into Israel continues, and Israeli planes are bombing selected areas in the Gaza Strip, trying not to hurt civilians, which is difficult because those “brave” Hamas members hide amongst them and fire from behind them.

Hospitals, mosques, all public buildings and densely settled civilian areas are their favorites for this.

There is talk of trying to make a truce, but so far nothing has come of it.

Today the U.N.O. President will be visiting Israel (and other places too) – maybe he will be able to do something to stop the shooting. If no missiles are fired into Israel, no Israeli planes will attack Gaza – that is certain.

Yesterday about 140 missiles were fired from Gaza, and two even hit a school in Ashkelon, causing much damage. It’s lucky children there don’t attend school these days.

Many wedding parties have been cancelled – many people together in an unprotected building could turn out to be a disaster. But the young couples do get married by a rabbi, in a private home, or rabbinate building, with only close family present.

The coming elections in Israel are hardly mentioned in the news, and neither is the continuous  murderous shooting in Syria .

I hope for better news next time.

Shalom from Irene


Late this afternoon our most holy  Jewish day,Yom Kippur  (Day of Atonement) begins, we ask for forgiveness for sins committed during the year, and as I am sure I already mentioned, it is also a day of fasting. Therefore today’s blog will be relatively short .

There are not many new subjects which are unknown to my readers – as most of our news programs still tell about the violent rioting in so many Muslim countries, the reason given being the video about Muhammed – there seems to be no end to this,  and it was also given as a reason for a terrorist attack a few days ago in the Sinai peninsula on the Egyption-Israeli border, where a fence is being built .

The  attack took place  where it has not yet been completed. The attackers were killed but one of our soldiers unfortunately lost his life to them.

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