Archive for May 26th, 2009

I expect I’ve mentioned my first subject for today before as Israeli news, but unfortunately it happens continuously. And I am talking about the great number of road accidents. The news programs here so often begin with the large number of these, giving the hight statistics of the number of dead and wounded. There seems no end to this. can it be due to the pressure we live under, the constant fight for security? Or do so relatively many accidents also happen in other countries?

And talking of local happenings – there was another honour killing in an Arab village. A father shot his teen-age daughter to death because he said he believed she was having a romantic affair with a man he thought unsuitable. Even if he had been thought “suitable”, a “good” Muslim girl does not talk with male strangers when not accompanied. This is of course not the only “honour killing” to have been committed, and it probably won’t be the last. Read the rest of this entry »