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It should have been expected! Israel removed a number of check-points on the roads to make life easier for the Arab population in the territories, so they exploited that, drove a car next to an Israeli one and shot and murdered an innocent civilian driver, Rabbi Meir Avshalom Hai. Many blamed the removal of West Bank roadblocks for the attack. According to a report, one of our ministers had claimed “past experience shows that the removal of roadblocks as part of the easements granted to Palestinians has led to attempts to carry out terror attacks against Jews.”  And this is just one example.
But that wasn’t the end. Our forces through underground means, discovered who the perpetrators of this murder were and went to Nablus to arrest them. The three men refused to surrender, and were shot. Many weapons were found in their building, amongst them the gun used for shooting the rabbi. And now as always, Israel is blamed for shooting them, wheras no voice was raised when they shot the Israeli.