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I know I often repeat myself in my blogs, but I’ve been reading about the fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan and that region and I wonder why when civilians are killed there by western countries, no one is ever blamed. .

Like the IDF ( Israel defence Forces) during Operation Cast Lead, US and British troops face an enemy that cares little for the well being of its people. Like the IDF, US and British forces operate under a military doctrine that aims to prevent civilian casualties.
Like the IDF, US and British forces have found that in a conflict situation, mistakes inevitably occur and civilians are the tragic victims. So why are Afghan civilian casualties “accidents” but Palestinian civilian casualties are “war crimes”?

I’ll give a few examples of what only lately happened there, and then you can decide. According to a BBC report: “A Nato air strike against suspected insurgents in Kandahar has instead killed five civilians, officials say. The group was seen digging on a roadside and was thought to be planting bombs. A senior Isaf official said he regretted the loss of life, adding that an investigation was underway . This followed an incident only a day earlier when  Afghan civilians were reported to have been killed by an errant missile, that struck a house outside Marjah on Sunday killing 12 people, including six children. Gen Carter   blamed these “conflicting” reports on “the fog of war”.
I  read an article by Tom Gross concerning the assasination of the Hamas terrorist Mabhouh in Dubai, and how the world media is treating this subject and would  like to quote from it, so with his permission here are parts of it. This is instead of my regular blog. Shalom from Irene
* There seems a very real possibility that Israel is being set up. Airlines keep detailed passenger records these days and anyone could have got the flight manifestos of British and other passport holders who have flown to Israel in the past and then used these names in a deliberate attempt to point the finger of blame at Israel.
* The Dubai authorities have provided no forensic evidence that points to Israel, only a series of photos and videos of random hotel guests who may or may not all know each other. In any event, the persons shown in these photos and videos are not shown committing any crime. It would be very easy to frame Israel, using the identities of six randomly-chosen Israelis based on flight manifestos. This could have been done by anyone – and especially by persons who wanted to avoid being suspected of this action by blaming the Israelis and diverting attention from the real perpetrators.

A new bill concerning Israelis living abroad is to be presented in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) this coming week. This bill, if passed, will enable expatriate Israelis to vote abroad in coming elections, and naturally there are different opinions on this subject. As far as I can gather, most citizens here (I too) are opposed to it, saying rightly that people who leave the country, who bear none of its burdens, pay no taxes, don’t serve in the army should not be the ones who decide what happens here.

The “Likud” and “Israel Beiteinu” parties are for this new law, whilst “Shas” and “Labour” oppose this bill, saying there are a huge number of ex- Israelis living in countries all over the world who no longer have any connection with Israel.The current version of the legislation, would allow any Israeli passport-holder around  the world to vote. But evidently Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wants first to consult other coelition parties about how to diminish the bill’s scope. “People who live abroad and don’t intend to come back within a reasonable period of time should not decide our fate,” Netanyahu said,”But there are people who are abroad temporarily, and they shouldn’t be punished for it. The period of time for expatriates to be allowed to be abroad while maintaining the right to vote should be four to six years, enough to allow them to obtain two academic degrees.”  He also suggested that expatriates be required to visit Israel to prove their connection to the state.”  Well, we’ll have to wait and see how the Knesset voting will go.

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In recent days, both Israel and the Palestinians presented documents to the UN General Assembly to show they had made suitable investigations into what happened during the Gaza War.
But how ridiculous can statements be, and still be believed. The terrorist Hamas organisation sent a document concerning the war last year, saying that they were sorry if innocent civilians had been hurt by them at any time because they had only been shooting at military targets! Sorry indeed! Not only had they   shot thousands of rockets indiscriminately into civilian towns, sent suicide bombers to kill people, but even two days ago and I’ve just heard on the news that today also they sent another Kassam rocket into a civilian area. And now they pretend otherwise!!
And as asked for in response to the Goldstone report, Israel also presented the United Nations with a document concerning our investigation into the war and we told the truth and how unbalanced the Goldstone report is. Yes, civilians had been hurt in the war, but mostly only because the Hamas terrorists  deliberately put Palestinian civilians in harm’s way in order to shield its fighters and to exploit international pressure on Israel over civilian deaths.  They were hiding in their buildings and shooting from public institutions.
In particular, the report vehemently denied that Israel intentionally struck water wells in Namar, or the wastewater plant in Gaza City: “Standing orders issued through the Gaza operation strictly forbade any acts damaging water installations,” and the military advocate-general found no credible evidence to suggest otherwise. In fact, “The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) made significant efforts to ensure that the population of Gaza had a sufficient and continuous water supply.”  Defense Minister Ehud Barak said last week that the Goldstone report was  distorted, false and biased. The Israeli response, he added, “again illustrates that the IDF is a uniquely responsible and serious military, that operates in a moral and accurate manner even under impossible conditions.”