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A terrible disaster, a great tragedy occured yesterday. An Israeli helicopter
on a training mission in Romania crashed in a deep ravine in a mountain area, killing six
Israeli and one Romanian Air Force service man. There were bad weather conditions and
and it was impossible to conduct searches at night because of the thick fog surrounding
the crash site. So  far it could not be established what caused the crash, especially as
rescue and search teams could not reach the scene of the accident.
In recent years the Israeli Air Force has had a policy of training as much as possible
overseas because of the limited airspace in Israel.One of the benefits of this, is
the opportunity given to pilots to fly long distances in unfamiliar terrain, thus preparing
 them for future long range missions. This has been done in many countries
 around the world.

Today I’ll begin with some news from Iran, because as usual when bad things happen, the first one to be blamed is Israel.Last Thursday there was a suicide attack at a mosque in Zahedan, Iran, and about 25 people were killed and about 170 were wounded. There were two seperate blasts, the first one causing minimal damage, that prompted people to rush to the site, where they were caught in the second explosion.
The mosque and those who lost their lives were Shi’ites.
Of course the first to be blamed for this, was Israel, and even the U.S.A., but later a radical Sunni group, Jundollah (meaning soldiers of God) claimed responsibility for the bombing, calling it retaliation for the execution of its leader, Abdolmalik Rigi last month. The different Muslim sects, the Shi’ites and the Sunnis are not exactly what we
would call “the best of friends”, and are constantly fighting each other too in Iraq and other Muslim countries. Isn’t that strange as they are all Muslims and they constantly say that Islam is a religion of peace?

The Hizbulla seem to be taking over Lebanon, slowly piece by piece.

The whole southern part of the country is now full with their weapons, hidden in civilian villages near schools, health centers and such, and if fighting ever begins again with that country, according to Israel army sources, they will be able to shoot about 700-800 missiles a day, Scuds and Katjushas, into Israel.

And when/if we shoot back to stop this, of course many innocent people will be hurt and as always the world will rise up against us.

The terrorists like hiding behind innocent civilians, because whatever Israel does to defend itself, the result will look bad. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu left for the U.S.A. for a meeting with President Obama which will take place this evening. The last time they met it didn’t go off so well, so we all hope that this get-together will be a more successful and friendly one, a meeting with understanding on both sides and no pressure put on Israel. We are fighting for our very physical existance, and wish the whole world would understand that.
The internet “facebook” had a rather unpleasant subject shown lately. On Sunday a  very anti-semitic theme was shown, declaring that July the 9th was to be a “Kill a Jew day”. They even printed a large Swastika. After receiving many protests,  Facebook removed this page, but has not as yet expelled the people who signed for this. I wonder if they will do that.