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A relatively quiet week has passed, and the peace talks have not yet resumed. I know I’m repeating myself, but if and when they begin talking again, there is not much chance for their success, unless the Arabs change some of their conditions – and this has nothing to do with a possible building freeze in the West bank. As long as the Palestinian Arabs believe that the State of Israel can be destroyed, there is no reason for them to enter true negotiations on coexistence and a two-state solution. And as the Palestinian Authority does not change its Charter, calling for the destruction of the State of Israel, although this is not said openly to the world, we have to make sure of the security for our state.
Abbas’ term as President of the Palestinian Authority quietly expired in January 2009, so legally he has no authority, but even so in his statement at the White House,  “President” Abbas, declared his hopes for successful negotiations “in the name of the PLO.” He did not even pretend to represent the Palestinian Authority, the Muslim world, nor anyone other than the PLO, a defeated and corrupt organization now despised and mistrusted by Palestinians, and propped up only by Western dollars and the Israeli government.
In January 2005, Palestinians made their choice official when the Islamist group HAMAS won a decisive victory over the PLO, capturing over two-thirds of the vote in free elections.