Archive for October 19th, 2010

Nothing much new here in Israel. The usual Kassam rocket shooting from Gaza, although rather less than usual this last week, but enough to let us know that Hamas is ruling Gaza. And our usual rsponse of planes dropping a few bombs, mostly on tunnels and some on known terrorist concentrations – we try to avoid civilian areas.
And in parliament, Natanyahu is trying to keep his coelition government together – a difficult task as it’s made up of so many different parties with different views about everything, whilst he is being pressured into giving in to Palestinian and American demands concerning the building freeze. And as Palestinian president Abbas has said even recently and in no uncertain terms, that he will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, there seems no point in making more concessions, especially as they also demand a “Law of Return” for the now millions of Arab refugees (they were a few tens of thousands when they turned into “refugees”), who could so easily have been settled in the many large Arab countries, instead of being kept in camps for so many years (supported financially by many countries of the world). Anyway, I don’t see any real peace-talks in the near future. They only want land, and evidently their only concession to us is to stop killing Jews (and who knows for how long this might last?).