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Today, instead of writing my usual blog I want to forward some lines written by friend Moshe Sheskin, who lives in Canada. I think he explains Israel’s situation better than I can. I, of course, have his permission for sending his writings.
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If we turn back the clock and look at the events which unfolded at the UN and the recognition of Israel as a State, we can identify Israel’s present problems.  The problem isn’t Israel but it’s existence. The problem is the Arab League and not only the Palestinian Authority.  The problem in the main is the resulting blackmail of Arab countries controlling vast amounts of petroleum and using the 1973 Yom Kippur war to blackmail the entire world.  The problem lies  with nations who have succumbed to Arab demands and use their so called self interest to appease Islamic terror lest they be branded by the same iron. 

Above all, we can group all of these causes of insoluble problems and call it by their true name, UNITED NATIONS or as I prefer to call them, the Disunited Nations. Without the do-gooders of the world, it is possible that some form of peace could have come out of the animosity and conflict with the Palestinians. However, if I was a Palestinian and had the backing of the Arab League and their oil influence as well as the United States, and the United Nations, I too would resist any peace agreement and wait for another world conflict.  True, the Palestinians have much to gain by agreeing to a peace agreement and on the other hand, trusting any peace agreement with the Palestinians is tantamount to suicide.  Their concept of peace is Hudna, the Arabic word for peace until such time you feel strong enough to overcome your enemies.
So what should Israel do under these circumstances?  It is assured that all the speeches in the UN only amounts to ‘talking at the wall’.  We all recognize that there is a built in Arab majority and with the so called ‘self-interest’ nations, condemnation of Israel is assured, no matter who transgresses.

Last week I mentioned the results of Prime Minister Natanyahu’s visit to the U.S.A. and the proposed conditions Israel would receive if we agreed to a further building freeze in the West Bank for three months. Evidently some of these were a bit exaggerated, and as nothing was on paper, we have asked for a document confirming them. So far nothing written has been supplied and therefore no real vote on the subject of a freeze has taken place in the cabinet or Knesset, and it looks as if peace talks are still far away
Still no rain, although it’s the end of November. I read yesterday that we will be rationed, according to the number of people living in each apartment, and whoever uses more will have to pay a higher price. (They talked of this before, but evidently this law never passed then). Now Israel’s chief rabbis called on the public to pray for rain, and declared last Thursday a special day of fasting and prayer to atone for the sins that are likely preventing the direly missing rainfall.  Maybe this will help??
A few days ago the Israeli National Security council issued a report that there was a threat of severe terror and kidnapping in the Sinai peninsula of Egypt and urged all Israelis visiting there to return home . According to a top security official, the information came from a reliable source, and stated that a suspected terror organization had already picked a site for the possible terror attack . Evidently Egyptian security forces have already arrested a cell of over 25 people suspected of being part of a radical Islamic group affiliated with al-Qaida  that planned to attack Israeli tourists visiting the Sinai Peninsula. Sinai is a popular holiday resort and many visit this area during all seasons of the year. Unfortunately not all Israelis listen to advice, and hopefully there will be no unnecessary victims.

After returning from the USA where he had held talks with many, including 7 hours with Hillary Clinton, yesterday Prime Minister Natanyahu talked to his cabinet  concerning his meetings there. The USA has asked for another 3 months freeze of building in the territories of the West bank, but this time not including Jerusalem. Should Israel accept the offer, the US in turn has pledged in the next year to veto any efforts by the UN Security Council to impose on Israel a non-negotiated solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, as the Palestinians have requested. It would further veto any resolutions that deny Israel the right to self-defense or seek to de-legitimize Israel. The US would also oppose such efforts in other UN bodies and forums. Also the US administration would ask Congress to approve the supply of 20 additional advanced fighter planes to Israel worth $3 billion so that Israel can keep its qualitative edge insuring that Israel’s safety can be assured. After this discussion in the cabinet meeting, it will later come before the Knesset (parliament) members. But who knows what will be decided concerning the “building freeze”, although hopefully peace talks will be able to open in near future. Yes, who knows?

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu is now visiting the United States, and apart from the subject of peace talks, evidently one of his aims is to talk about the dangers of Iran being able to use nuclear power for  bombs, which would endanger not only Israel but many other countries in the world. In response to Natanyahu’s worries, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that although military action against Iran remains an option, the threat of force is not the only way to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb. He seems to think that sanctions and boycotts would do this job, which so far have not prevented Iran from going on full speed ahead with developement of nuclear power.
But Natanyahu thinks differently. He told the Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday that “the only way to ensure that Iran is not armed with nuclear weapons is to create a credible threat of military action against it, unless it stops its race to obtain nuclear weapons.” In the next few days he will also meet with Hillary Clinton and others, hopefully with good results.