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Last week, Sonia Peres, the wife of our president, passed away. She was a special woman who shunned the limelight and seldom shared Shimon Peres’s public life. Before marriage they had both been living in a kibbutz  (communal settlement) and Sonia did not like being the wife of a politician.  Very few, I included, could have recognised her if we had met in the street.The story is told that when Shimon Peres was foreign minister, his wife came to see him one day and was kept waiting outside the ministry because none of the guards at
the gate recognized her.
She was adamantly opposed to her husband becoming president and did not attend his inauguration at the Knesset in July 2007.
Nor did she relent in her opposition even after he referred to her in his inaugural speech as the love of his life. She never came to Beit Hanassi (the residence of the president). Although she hated being in the public eye, her heart was with the public. She  was an unpretentious woman and performed many voluntary jobs. And she did not want to be buried in the section of Mount Herzl reserved for presidents and prime ministers and their wives. She preferred her final resting place to be in her beloved “Ben Shemen”, where she spent so many happy days in her youth and that wish was honoured. May she rest in peace, or as we say in Hebrew “Blessed be her memory”..
How ridiculous can Arab propaganda become? A short while ago, some sharks were found swimming in Egyptian waters by the Red Sea,
and what reason was found for their presence? Israel of course was at fault, and was accused of bringing these sharks there, in order
to attack Egyptians and tourists swimming there. I wonder how many people believed this.
And another slightly similar incident happened in Saudia. Apparently a vulture alighted in Saudi territory with a transmitter strapped around its leg,
which read,”Tel Aviv University”. The bird was captured , and the local residents and reporters said that it looked like a Zionist plot, that the vulture was
an alleged Mossad spy, collecting information. Researchers at the Tel Aviv university claimed that it had been tagged to study migration patterns.
Now, whom do you believe?
And now for some local Israeli news. Of course the headlines since yesterday are all about our Minister of Defence, Ehud Barak. He and four other Members of the Knesset are leaving the Labour Party and are setting up another party themselves. They will stay in the government , whereas the three ministers of the now smaller Labour Party resigned  at once. Evidently this split from the Labour party was arranged secretely with Prime Minister Natanyhahu, behind their backs. In reaction to this split, Eitan Cabel, former Labour faction head and a Labour M.K said that those leaving have  decided “to destroy the party” by making this move. But who knows if they will succeed in coming elections, because Ehud Barak does not seem so very popular, but then, the next one may still be far off.


The rocket shooting from the Gaza Strip into Israel seems to be increasing more day by day. More death, wounded and damage here – but the Hammas organisation claims it is not their doing. Even if this is true (which I doubt, though it may be only that they are encouraging others to do the shooting), they are responsible for all that is happening in their area, and we all hope this will not lead to another war – but how long can one sit by without retaliating? No other country would allow this, but of course when it is Israel doing the retaliating, the whole world is against us.
The Palestinian authority “President” Abbas warned Israel against launching a strike on the Gaza Strip in response to this recent spate of rocket
attacks. “Any new Israeli agression would put the entire peace process in real danger”, he said. But what peace process is he talking about? There are unfortunately no talks. And why can they kill Jews but Israel is not allowed to defend her citizens?
Abbas also said that there would be no Jewish presence in his future state.”When a Palestinian State is established, it will be empty of any Jewish presence.” Isn’t this called “apartheid”? In Israel a acomparatively large percentage of her citizens are Arabs – I believe up to 20% (am not sure of the real number, but it’s near that + or -.)