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Well, after all those riots in Egypt, Mubarak was forced to resign in the end, but the future of what or who will become Egypt’s ruler is still unknown. If it is the Muslim Brotherhood, it will be a direct threat on Israel and possibly the United States. In 1979 in Iran the radical clerics promised a peaceful future, but instead they became a revolutionary dictatorship, with no rights for the common people.  Will this happen again in Egypt?
But now, after successful riots in Tunisia and Egypt, the Iranian people are also trying again to take down their corrupt leadership (dictatorship), especially taking into account  Ahmadinijad’s words alluding to what was happening in Egypt,” The people there have a right to protest.”  He must have regretted these words later as the Iranians evidently took his words seriously, and started demonstrating too, but the Iranian forces have orders to put this down and are using clubs, tear gas and other means against them, hundreds have been arrested and there have already been some fatalities. Telephone lines have been cut down and homes of opposition leaders have been blockaded in some places. People only talk anonymously for fear of reprisals from the authorities.  The first demonstrations were initiated “to show solidarity with the popular protests in Egypt” but have now turned into a local protest – maybe to revive the months of relative quiet after what were surely forged election results. Then there had also been protests, quickly put down by the government. But how can Ahmadinejad say “Yes to the rights o the Arab peoples, but deny those same rights to his own?”.