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There seems no end to the unrest and riots in different Northern African countries and some other Arab ones. We hear that in Lybia over 600 people were killed and thousands wounded by government forces, who were shooting on the orders of Kadaffi who does not want to give up his rule, unlike what happened in Egypt. I wonder what the world would say if something similar were to happen in Israel. When civilians are killed here by accident, or because they were used as human shields, the countries of the world are all up in arms against us, but when it happens and hundreds, or maybe thousands lose their lives in Muslim countries, they stand still. The strange thing is that Muslims of different sects (Shi’ites and Sunis) fight each other, even though they belong to the same religion.
Two Iranian battle ships are sailing to the Mediteranean Sea, on their way to a port in Syria. They say it is only for exercises!! But who knows the real reason? They will  pass through the Suez Canal on their way and Egypt allows this. Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel views with utmost gravity the intent of Iran to send warships to the Mediteranean. He termed this as an “Iranian attempt to expand their influence in this region”.