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There’s no end to pure Arab terrorism. A few days ago near Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station, an explosion took place ,(a bag filled with nails and explosives detonated),  injuring about 40 people, some seriously, and killing a 55 year old woman, who we are told was an English tourist whose work was translating the Bible into different languages. This attack was the first serious terrorist bombing in the city since 2004, and for many residents it brought back terrible memories of  earlier ones.
And the rockets from Gaza haven’t stopped either, in fact they are getting worse from day to day. Even phospherous ones are being fired and they reach further these days – Beer Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Rishon Le’Zion. Robert Gates, U.S.A. Defence Minister visiting Israel last week told our Minister of Defence Ehud Barak  that the United States supports Israel’s right to self-defense, but it’s hard to believe that the present administration will be supportive of Israel if we retaliate in force. Even though Western countries are using Tomahawk missiles against Libya, an extensive Israeli bombing of Gaza will always be disapproved of.
I must mention one other country which has issued a strong condemnation of this continuous rocket firing on southern Israel, and that is Canada. Their Minister of Foreign affairs Lawrence Cannon called these terrorist attacks, which indiscriminately target civilian areas,  abhorrent and criminal acts and said that Israel has a right to defend itself against such terrorist acts. He vigorously condemned the rocket attacks on Israel .But again, who knows what will be said if we do defend ourselves and innocent people get hurt. The Arab terrorist so like to hide behind civilians and in their buildings, even mosques and schools.
Many of Israel’s news items this last week (apart from the sad happenings in Japan and Lybia) have been about a ship trying to bring weapons to the Gaza Strip. The Israeli navy seized a cargo vessel lastTuesday morning in the Mediterranean Sea, which was carrying advanced weaponry, including anti-ship missiles that could alter the balance of power in the region. We are sure these arms originated in Iran and were destined for Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. The ship, which originated in Syria and was sailing to the Egyptian port of Alexandria, was diverted to the Israeli port of Ashdod following the takeover, which met no resistance from the crew. There the weapons were found hidden under crates of food. The fact that Iran wanted to use an Egyptian port to unload the weapons is yet another clear indication that Tehran is trying to take advantage of the recent developments in the region, and Egypt in particular, because they could be  taken through the Sinai desert and smuggled through the many tunnels leading into Gaza.
 Ambassador to the UN Meron Reuben on Friday filed an official complaint with the Security Council following the seizure of weapons  from the cargo ship. He stated that the attempt to transfer weapons from Iran to Gaza by way of Syria constituted a violation of a number of Security Council resolutions, but it is doubtful if this will even be discussed by them.
This week I feel I have no choice but to start with the great disaster in Japan, although it is not connected to Israel.  Such an earthquake followed by the devastating tsunami is  a real world tragedy, and we here all feel for the Japanese people and their suffering  which of course is not yet over. There is still the danger of great radiation leak from their nuclear reactors (it seems to have begun and is getting worse). People are being evacuated from the areas, even foreign ships near Japan are leaving. This is also a warning to other countries in case of future earthquakes in their region with nuclear sites .There were (are) a relatively large number of Israelis visiting Japan, and so far not all have contacted their families in Israel. We hope this is only because of broken telephone connections. But I presume many from other countries are in the same predicament – and hopefully all will be found safe and sound.  My heart goes out to all the tsunami victims, Japanese and from other nations.
And now for another tragedy – this one here in Israel , in a settlement called Itamar.  On Friday night, a father, mother and three children (the youngest a 4 months old baby) were brutally stabbed to death in their home by one or two Arabs, evidently from surrounding villages. They climbed over the fence surrounding the Itamar settlement and performed this terrible crime. So far no political Muslim terrorist group has taken responsibility for this act, in their towns they handed out candies  and on their radio programs they called this cold-blooded murder an act perforned by brave heroes and . Yes, real brave heroes!!!!!!!!!! Killing an innocent unarmed family in cold blood, is considered a brave deed !!!!!!!!
Since then some have changed their tones a little, but that is mostly for western world propaganda.  Their encitement against Israel and Jews (who are called the decendents of apes and pigs) continues. Their brain-washing of children against us is a known fact and goes on..
Much of the news here still refers to the fighting going on in Lybia, and no one seems sure of its outcome. Putting different sanctions on that country, don’t seem to affect Omar Kadaffi. And I doubt if any country will send troops there. And whichever side wins in the end – who knows which will be for the better?
The Iranian war ships which visited Syria, are already on their way back, again through the Suez Canal. So far no one really knows what was their intention in sailing to Syria  through  the Mediteranean Sea.
And now for something which affects Israel directly – that is the gas pipe line from Egyptian Sinai. The flow of gas here has not been renewed yet, and it is uncertain whether it will be again now that  President Mubarak is no longer ruling, and the new government’s polititics are uncertain. Luckily we have some other sources for gas and hopefully these will be enough. There had been a scare that the Electric Corporation wouldn’t be able to supply enough electricity.