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I’m glad to say that the Passover week passed peacibly – no acts of terrorism. The Arabs so often like the period of Jewish festivals for performing such deeds, many carried out in the past on these days.
What is much on the news here in Israel these days, is of course the wave of uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa  which seems to be overlooked by the United Nations, although several countries seperately condemn what is happening there. Hundreds of innocent civillians are being murdered daily by the orders of their corrupt leaders, at the moment mostly in Syria, but it’s spreading on, even to Yemen now, but the agenda in the UNO as usual is mostly occupied with Israel and apparently there is a majority of countries there now, who want to force a one-sided peace settlement on Israel. We so want peace with the Arabs, but they still refuse to recognise us as a Jewish state, and insist on our taking in over a million of refugees – what can we do? And we need secure borders , but that doesn’t seem to be on the UNO agenda either.
A new “flotilla” is said to be sailing for Gaza later this week. Israel warned the UN Security Council not to allow this new flotilla to sail there, saying its organizers had “ties to Hamas and other terrorist organizations.” Israel’s UN Ambassador Meron Reuben said, “Numerous participants engaged in the planning of this flotilla have made very troubling statements expressing their willingness to become martyrs in this effort. Flotilla organizers aim at “political provocation and not to advance any humanitarian goal.”
Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is evidently examining the idea of letting ships dock in Gaza as long as Israel and a third, international party, such as maybe Greece, check all vessels for illegal weapons or illicit materials. We want to avoid blood-shed as much as possible. 
After being bombarded with tens of rockets daily, yesterday was a quiet day for a change. A sort of truce-arrangement , what can be called a “shaky cease-fire”, has been made between Hamas and Israel. Neither side wants to continue the shooting. Israel has lately retaliated to all the shooting, especially after a school bus was hit, seriously wounding a young boy who is still in danger of losing his life. Luckily most of the schoolchildren had left the bus before it was hit. The decision  for the truce was made shortly before a Kassam rocket exploded near Ashkelon, where luckily no injuries were reported nor was any damage caused, but since then Hamas has stopped firing and Israel has stopped air strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. Israel decided to hold its fire as long as Hamas and the other Palestinian terror groups ceased launching attacks on civilians. An official in the Defense Ministry, told reporters that “It all depends on the other side, if a barrage of missiles falls in a town and there are casualties, that will certainly change the situation.”
Israel has developed a new device called the Iron Dome, a counter-rocket defence system which can intercept rockets that are fired at us and two of these have been installed already near Beer Sheva and Ashkelon and have already shot down a number of Katyusha rockets. Hopefully they won’t have to be used again.
In December 2008 and January 2009, Israel went on a defensive military strike into Gaza, because it was impossible to live with the massive rocket firing from there into Israel territory. This was called by us “Operation Cast Lead”. There were of course, as in all military actions, casualties on both side, and after  Arab complaints, the United Nations Human Rights Council insisted on a fact-finding mission and appointed a South African jurist, Richard Goldstone, to make a report if Israel (or Hamas) were guilty of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity. It is interesting to note, that Libya (with its dictator Kadaffi) was a member of  the UN Human Rights Council.
The Goldstone report was completely one-sided, because he took into account only all the lies spread by Hamas and it accused Israel of intentionally targeting civilians and other war crimes.  But now, after two years, Judge Goldstone has come to the conclusion that he had been wrong. He wrote a letter which was published in the Washington Post , saying that had he known then what he knows now the report would have been different. He tried to explain this by complaining about Israel’s lack of cooperation with his investigation, but he knows well that his inquiry had been constructed by the obsessively anti-Israel Human Rights Council with the precise intention of blackening Israel’s name, legitimizing its enemies and reducing its capacity to defend itself in future conflicts  and these may come in the near future if the current increase in Hamas rocket fire continues.
President Shimon Peres said that Goldstone should apologize to the State of Israel for accusing it of war crimes.
Prime Minister Natanyahu said,” Everything we said has proven true, Israel did not intentionally harm civilians. Our institution and investigative bodies are worthy, while Hamas intentionally fired upon innocent civilians and did not examine anything (and their terrorists hid behind their own citizens), Israel has investigated its actions, whilst Hamas has done nothing. The fact that Goldstone backtracked must lead to the shelving of his report once and for all”. 
And Defence Minister Ehud Barak who held that post also during Operation Cast Lead, said that Goldstone should send his new conclusions to the same international forum in which he published his twisted and nonfactual report. But of course the UN Human Rights Council is not interested in reopening the case. And strangely enough many American and European newspapers haven’t even mentioned the new facts about the former Goldstone report.
With these words I end today’s blog. Shalom from Irene