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Since the rioting, taking away the power of President Mubarak, and change of government in Egypt, much has changed with the relationship between that country and Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is greatly on the rise, and Iran is in favour again. As for what especially affects Israel, it began with the gas stoppage through the pipe running from Sinai to our country, and now the Rafiah border crossing from the Gaza strip leading to the Egyptian Sinai desert has been opened, six days a week. And there are no international observers to supervise what goes in and what goes out, so we don’t know if more weapons are going in now, (formerly many were smuggled through the many tunnels) and we are now more worried about our security. But so far Israel has maintained a sort of official silence, no formal statement has been made on the matter, although evidently these concerns are being directly persued with the Egyptians. Who knows what will be?
In Lebanon all is not quiet either, and six Italian members of the peacekeeping contingent were seriously wounded when a bomb blew up a UN jeep on Saturday in an attack on their convoy in the country’s south – most likely the doing of Hizbulla. Italy is thinking of reducing the number of their soldiers by nearly half. Maybe other countries of the UN force will take similar action, and Hizbulla will rule there completely.
Definitely not good for Israel.
During the last few days, most of the news items in Israel, concern our Prime Minister’s, Benjamin Natanyahu’s, visit in America, his meeting with President Obama, and speeches to different organizations, and his latest speech to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). He was trying to explain why we could not accept Obama’s desire for our going back to the 1967 borders. I will quote some of his lines, which I believe need no further explanation.
He began his address by saying that Israel was grieving with the US over the loss of lives from recent tornados, and then went on for the main subject.  He talked about the famous lines,”Government of the people, for the people, and by the people”, and “that all men are created equal,” saying that we in Israel shared these views. “Israel is the cradle of our common civilization, crucible of our moral ideals. The Jewish state was founded on these eternal values. This is why Israel’s more than one million Muslim citizens enjoy full democratic rights. This is the only place in the Middle East where Christians and all other religions are completely free to practice their faith”. He went on by saying that Israel can not go back to the 1967 lines, as they are indefensible, in some places it leaves our country just 9 miles wide, half the size of the “Beltway” highway surrounding Washington. Defensible borders for Israel also include an Israeli presence along the Jordan River, this includes defensible borders for Jordan too.
And the latest joint agreements between Patah and the terrorist Hamas group cause another difficulty, as Hamas say completely openly that their wish is only to destroy Israel (and they are willing to do this step by step). So who can we make peace with? I won’t mention the “return of refugee” question now, as I’ve written about it before a number of times. Impossible to accept them, they’d turn into a majority.

This last Sunday, the Palestinians organised what they called “Nakba Day”, the word Nakba meaning “disaster” and by which they  meant what they see as a disaster for them, the fact that a Jewish State, Israel, was established on May 15th in 1948. There were demonstrations all over the country, but Israeli armed forces managed to settle most of them more or less peacefully. The real trouble was at the Syrian border in the north, where bus loads of common people were brought to the border, broke down fences and entered Israel in masses. As the Syrian president Assad has been having trouble with violent demonstrations against him and his government for the last few weeks, he evidently organised this mass march, in order to take pressure off himself and make Israel responsible for all troubles in his country. Most of those who managed to get into Israel, have been returned unharmed by our armed forces, but unfortunately some lost their lives, and as always, Israel is the only one blamed.
Something slightly similar happened on our border with Lebanon, but here the demonstrators who had been especially brought there by the Hizbulla terrorist organisation, were unable to cross into Israel. although again, lives were lost.
Israel made complaints to the UNO, but as usual nothing is done about these.

Today is “Fallen Soldiers’ Remembrance Day” , a day of mourning for the many service men and women who fell defending the land of Israel, and tomorrow we celebrate “Israel Independence Day”.
I don’t have time, neither am I in the right mood for writing a blog this week, so I will make this short, and just quote a couple of sayings and a comment I received last week from Sara G. after she read the first line of my blog, concerning the killing of Bin Laden. (We in Israel, and of course most of the world, certainly approve of his death).
This is what Sara wrote:
“Isn’t it interesting that the US commmited a “targeted assassination” on Bin Laden which they and other countries,
have said over and over again, we are not allowed to do.  It’s immoral, etc etc. Also they had to do DNA testing
to make sure it really was him. Suppose it wasn’t him? Would they have said: “Sorry, mistaken target??
So what else is new?”
And here are another couple of quotations:
UN in no Rush to Protect Civilians – The UN Security Council failed to reach an agreement on Wednesday
over a statement that would condemn the violence by security forces against demonstrators in Syria .
 (The shooting of hundreds of civilians in Syria has been going on for a few weeks by now, but when it’s Israel doing anything quite minor, the UN are always prompt with their condemnations!)
Mistake Israel is never Allowed to Make! – NATO forces, in what may have been an attempt to kill Muammar Qaddafi, killed his youngest son and three grandsons in an attack on his residential villa in Tripoli. (No regrets were made as far as I know). 
More next week. Shalom from Irene