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I’m again starting my blog earlier than usual, on Friday (August 26th), because I’ve just heard there is a new ceasefire agreement  in the Gaza Strip. During the last few days the south of Israel has been under a regular bombardment of missiles from Gaza,  and many activities like football games, theatres and such, where many people come together in a closed space, have been cancelled or postponed. Maybe the Gazan leaders didn’t want us to start a regular war. The Islamic Jihad terrorist organisation had made a statement earlier this week that they intended to extend the range of their rocket capabilities, and send them deeper into Israeli territory, but now they have suddenly announced a new ceasefire agreement, which apparently was brokered with them by Egypt and the UN. We’ll  have to wait to see how long this agreement will last.   (so far 2 rockets till Sunday morning !!)
Sunday 28th August. Since Friday four more missiles into Israel, without us firing back.(Is that still concidered a cease-fire?)
Achminijad, the Iranian president made a speech to an applauding crowd. I will quote just a few words from his speech: “There was no holocaust. Death to Israel. Death to America.”  And for the first time  Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen), the Patach Palestinian president who wants Palestine recognised by the United Nations on September 20th said in clear words,”We will never recognise a Jewish State.” Up till now it was Hammas who said this. He also wrote that the holocaust never occures, and that there had never been a Jewish capital in Jerusalem. Brazen lies!! And this man carries the title of President (even though his term of office expired long ago, he refuses to call new elections, fearing that Hammas will win them.
Another day has passed, and today we heard of a  luckily unsuccessful attack on a youth club in South Tel Aviv, by a young Arab from Nablus, who was prevented from carrying out his intended foul deed after hijacking a taxi. He ran into a police barrier on the way, but drove on, running over some of the policemen with the taxi, wounding a number of them, but was caught before he could do much more damage, although he was wielding a long knife. When will these happenings stop? They are all so brainwashed against Jews and Israel!
Today is the 30th of August and I will send this blog. The latest news here is that another rocket was fired from Gaza, but luckily this time caused no damage. Apart from that, our armed forces are on an alert in the south near the Sinai border, as sources have it that another terrorist group originating from Gaza is in the Sinai desert near Eilat, and they want to perpetrate another attack similar to the one which was done about 10 days ago on the road leading from Be’er Sheva to Eilat, with so many dead and wounded. Hope we’ll be able to prevent it this time. Read the rest of this entry »
I am writing these first lines on Friday morning, August the 19th, because the news here is bad, and I’m afraid we’re in for even worse times in the near future. It started yesterday at noon, when a number of terrorists, originally from the Gaza Strip, who had infiltrated from the Egyptian Sinai desert, started a terror attack on the many civilian vehicles travelling from Be’er Sheva to Eilat. So far we know of 8 dead, and many wounded. (The doctors stopped their strike in the two southern hospitals in order to treat the many wounded). But this was not all. The Hammas and/or their close members, started shooting rockets and long range missiles from Gaza into the Israeli towns of Ashdod, Ashkelon and Be’er Sheva, and this is still going on, and unfortunately there have already been some casualties. Israeli security forces are responding with aircraft, but as always it is difficult, because unlike the Palestinians, we don’t want to hurt innocent citizens, and the terrorists always do their shooting from the midst of civilian areas – houses, schools, mosques and such.
(21st August) Two days have passed since I wrote the lines above, and the situation seems to be getting worse. The rocket firing from the Gaza Strip has constantly been escalating, and all the towns, villages and settlements in the southern area are in great danger. In Be’er Sheva a number of people were killed by the rockets, many were wounded, some very seriously. A school building was also hit, but luckily the school year only begins on September the 1st, so no children were  there. People are told not to leave their homes if there is no need, and to enter protected areas if the warnings (sirens) go off, and stay there for at least 10minutes. Our air force is responding, but as I have  mentioned before, we are limited in this, not wanting to hurt innocent people.
Also our relationship with Egypt is rather weak these days, because whilst trying to hunt down the terrorists who last week had fired on vehicles travelling in the Negev and were believed to have crossed the border again to escape to Sinai, Israeli forces evidently shot 5 Egyptian members of their security personnel by mistake, although it could have been done by those terrorists themselves. Israel has apologised profusely but is making an investigation of how this mistake was made (and by whom), but the Egyptians don’t accept our apology, although our Minister of Defence personally expressed deep regret. There have been many demonstrations outside the Israel Embassy in Cairo, which we are told are still going on. Egypt first wanted to bring their ambassador home from Tel Aviv, but they have evidently changed their mind. Hopefully this is a good sign. Both our countries need peace.
Nothing much new going on in Israel. The same demonstrations for citizens’ rights, housing, free education etc. still going on,
with young (mostly young) people setting up sort of tent cities in different towns. The doctors’ strike is still on too, every day some different hospital departments and clinics are closed – they constantly talk of progress in the talks – but we don’t see any.
Also in our neighbouring country Syria, brutal killing by government troops continues against those wanting change. Only two days ago a naval and tank assault on the town of Latakia killed at least 21 people (men, women and children) and wounded more. But the world hardly sees this.
What worries many of us is that on September 20th the Arabs are taking the question of establishing a Palestinian State to the United Nations, where the Muslim vote always has a majority. Israel wants direct talks on this sunject and our Prime Minister Natanyahu is constantly asking the Palestinian leaders for talks, but the Arabs are doing their best to avoid these.This is a  signal that the Palestinians aggressively dream of the end of Israel. This year’s summer camps in the Gaza Strip were once again used by Hamas and its military wing to combine social activity with Islamic and political indoctrination and paramilitary training. Also Lebanese FM Adnan Mansour said that recognition of a Palestnian state will be a priority when Lebanon takes over the rotating leadership of the UN Security Council in September, Lebanon’s Daily Star reported on Tuesday.
Today is Tisha Be’Av (a Remembrance Day – the 9th of the Jewish month of Av – when the ancient Temple in Jerusalem was again destroyed so many years ago), and all religious Jews and even many others, fast in mourning. We can never forget Jerusalem, and I will qote a few lines from Psalm number 137 :
 If I forget thee, O Jerusalem. let my right hand forget her cunning, If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the root of my mouth, if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.
Yes, Jerusalem is mentioned many times in the Bible, whilst it is not mentioned even once in the Muslim Koran – so why do so many in the world not understand our connection to that ancient city and want us to give the holiest part to the Muslims?.
Last week I mentioned the many demonstrations taking place in Israel, and so far they are still going on – on Saturday evening there were even over 300,000 people taking part only in Tel Aviv, more still in other areas. Our Prime Minister is beginning to try and solve some of the problems, and hopefully he will succeed soon. I must add that our protest rallies are peaceful – we have heard of the terrible demonstrations going on in London these days, with brutal behaviour, looting, destruction and burning of property and such, the police there couldn’t (or maybe even now, can’t) stop this.