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Of course most of the news these days, is about the Arabs turning to the United Nations for them to  recognise Palestine as a state. Their President Abbas refuses to have direct negotiations with our Prime Minister Natanyahu, unless he fulfills a great number of conditions before beginning, and that is naturally
impossible. He does not even want to recognize Israel as a “Jewish” state. And one of his conditions is to stop building in the settlements, and we did so for over 9 months, but even then he kept putting off negotiations. Without direct talks, how can we come to a peace agreement? By going to the U.N., the Palestinians have shown complete bad faith in previous negotiations with Israel, and exposed the entire peace process as a lie.  By bypassing negotiations, the Arabs are trying to gain a state that will be born in  a state of war with Israel.
Natanyahu said,” People tell me constantly to make a sweeping offer and everything will work out. But there is one problem with that theory, we have tried it and it doesn’t work. We left Gaza and as a result thousands of missiles rained down on our cities from there. So what is to prevent the same from happening in the West Bank if we leave? Would any other country or people bring danger closer to their cities and families? Would anyone act so recklessly with the lives of their citizens?”    No, without direct peace talks it is impossible. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the U.N.
This week the Arabs will take the subject  “establishment of a Palestinian state” to the United Nations, where they always have a majority vote for anything connected to Israel. We  are still not sure if Abbas will  first try the General Assembly or the Security Council, but both of these are mostly no “Israel Lovers”. Although our Prime Minister is constantly asking for talks, the Arabs so far, refuse to negotiate, because they refuse to acknowledge the existance of a “Jewish” state, and make impossible conditions before talks even begin, but our Prime Minister Natanyahu is now on his way to Washington, and maybe something good will come of it, and talks with the Palestinians may be arranged.

I must add, that probably the majority of those who may vote in the UN for the establishment of Palestine according to the 1967 lines are unaware of the  fact that this would mean that Israel would have to cede places in Jerusalem like The Temple Mount, The Wailing Wall, The Hurva Synagogue, the Jewish Quarter, the Rockfeller Museum, Haddassah Hospital, Mount of Olives, perhaps even the Hebrew University and other places, which before the War of Independence were in Jewish hands and were conquered by the Jordanian Arab Legions who deported or murdered all Jews in these areas.

 We all believe that if the UN recognizes Palestinian statehood, the new “State of Palestine” will still expect the UN to support the so-called Palestinian “refugees”, even if they live inside Palestine. Israel left the Gaza Strip a few years ago, and what have they done with their independence there? Apart from sending missiles into Israeli territory , the donated money goes to the rulers, the man in the street remains poor – and of course that is what they show on all their videos. Anyway, the future for our region doesn’t look so good these days – hopefully there won’t be another (3rd) intefada (Arab uprising) here.

A world conference against Racism is to take place later this month in New York. This is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first conference which was held in Durban, South Africa, where combating global racism was replaced by attempts to isolate Israel by delegitimizing the Jewish State and accusing us of Apartheid. And it is surely known that in Israel, members of all races and religions have similar rights – which can not be said for other Arab and/or Muslim countries. With these words I end my blog today. Shalom from Irene


I presume that many of my readers have heard about the terrible attack by a violent mob against the Israeli
Embassy in Cairo  between Friday and Saturday, which could have turned out even more tragic if  it hadn’t been for the intervention of the Egyptian commando, although this came rather late. But luckily they were able to save all the Israeli personnel inside the building, who managed to return to Israel. A lot of damage was done in the embassy,  – computers  and furniture destroyed, documents scattered outside and such.
During this happening, Prime Minister Natanyahu  asked for help from President Obama, to use his influence on the Egyptian rulers and we are thankful to him that he did so.  Natanyhu , in a televised announcement on Saturday night, offered a special thank you to President Barak Obama, who had told  him “he would do everything he could to extricate the Israelis in the embassy  building,” and he did this. He used all the means and influence of the U.S. and we owe him a special Thank You. Natanyahu also gave credit to the Egyptian commandos, who rescued the security guards who were holed up behind a metal door. Their intervention prevented a tragedy. Now we must wait and see  how Israel’s relationship with Egypt will be affected. Since the mutiny against President Mubarak and change of government (a rather unstable one) there is much anti-Israel feeling there, but we hope the peace treaty between our two countries will hold.
Last week an unusual incident occured in the famous Albert Hall in London last week. The Israeli Philharmonic orchestra was giving a concert, when a number of loud disruptions occured. Evidently some “Israel-haters” had made their way into the hall, sitting in different places, and when the musicians began playing they started shouting, booing and whistling. The concert was stopped temporarily, till these people could be removed , and in the meanwhile the BBC which was to broadcast the concert, played records.  We were later informed that a group of Palestinian “cultural” organizations had issued a statement calling on the BBC to cancel the Israeli concert and had urged people to buycott it or protest against it, if it went ahead.
What is the world coming to, when even music played by Israelis is obstructed?
Our relationship with Turkey is getting worse continuously. They now not only want an apology from Israel for the sad deaths of 9 Turkish “activists” that occured during their provocative flotilla to Gaza a year ago (and we have already said we regret these deaths), but they want monetary reparations, and a stop to the blockade on Gaza. Prime Minister Netanyhu said he regrets their death but that the men were only killed in self defence by our soldiers, when they were attacked by them with heavy metal bars , knives and such (this is proved by  photos taken at the time.) As for ending the blockade on Gaza, – since the Hammas terrorist group seized  control there, and the constant rocket attacks on Israel, we must do our utmost to prevent more weapons from being smuggled into that area. He added,” Israel faciliates inportation of humanitarian supplies and materials vital to the area’s residents, and has offered to receive goods from the ships at a safe port and truck them to Gaza.” But Turkish Prime Minister Erdugan does not accept this and is taking the issue to an international court, although the Palmer report on the flotilla said that Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is legal and that Israeli commandos boarding the ship had to defend themselves against “organized and violent resistance”. Lately Israel transferred $13.5 million into the Gaza Strip ,which were delivered to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) – the perpetual refugee faciliator.
Yesterday also an unpleasant incident took place at Istanbul airport (in Turkey) when a number of Israelis arriving there were humiliated and degraded by airport officials. They (men and women) were taken aside to a dark room, told to undress and were examined, as if they were carrying illegal arms or other material.