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Although we in Israel are used to rockets being fired from Gaza, it was a surprise to have four Katjusha rockets fired into our country in the north from Lebanon last night. They caused property damage, and a fire, but luckily no person was hurt. We presume it was fired by someone in the Hizbulla, an organisation which is gaining strength all the time.
Elections took place yesterday in Egypt, the results are not yet out, but we believe that the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood will get a majority vote, which spells no good for us. The Muslim Brotherhood held a rally on Friday, which turned into a call for genocide, pledging “one day to kill all Jews”.There had been violent demonstrations going on lately in Cairo and other large Egyptian towns, which were mostly aimed at the military regime which had taken over after President Mubarak was dismissed. According to several news sources, the Egyptian military had been using a banned chemical agent to deal with the thousands of protestors, a gas called CR which could cause blindness and even death by asphyxiation and this has caused even more anger at the armed forces.
On Monday a mysterious explosion rocked the Iranian city of Isfahan, which is home to a key facility in Teheran’s nuclear program. Something similar happened in Iran two weeks ago at another place and was called by them “an accident”. This time they said it happened at a gas station, so far no real accusations have been made to any specific source.
There is much unrest in two of Israel’s neighbouring countries these days. In Egypt there are demonstrations against the military regime ruling there, till elections take place (which may have to be put off because of this – they should be taking place in another week), much violence and even shooting is taking place. It seems that the Muslim brotherhood is behind much of this discord. And in Syria, President Assad’s regime is still putting down calm demonstrations by strong military means, and a day doesn’t pass without a number of deaths, including children and women. The Arab League has at last woken up to this terrorism, and recalled all their diplomatic representatives from Syria, trying to boycott that country. Even the Western World is at last taking notice, trying to put some sanctions on Syria. Who knows how long Assad will stay in power?
But of course the greatest danger in the Muslim world these days is Iran, who are rapidly moving forward in their aim of developing nuclear weapons. The mild sanctions different countries in the world are so far putting on that country, are not stopping them at all – and they
In Israel we’ve been having blessed rain during the last week – rain which we really need after a number of drought years. The rain has so far fallen mostly in the center of the country, but where it is desperately needed, in the Lake Kinneret, there has not been enough. The lake is now almost 68 centimeters under the bottom red line. Well, it is only the beginning of winter, so let’s hope there’ll be much rain there
in the days to come.
Last week I wrote about the two boats which were stopped  on their way to Gaza, and today I would like to add a few words on that subject. Those people on the boats said that Israel prevents needed goods from entering Gaza, but this is not true. The residents of Gaza are drowning in international charity. Any humanitarian aid can easily  reach them. Large volumes of aid of all kinds pass daily through Israeli and Egyptian check-points (and tunnels) into Gaza, and there is no need for these “private flotillas” which may contain weapons.
Since UNESCO  (having a majority pro-muslim vote) accepted “Palestine” as a country into their organisation, America, Canada and Israel have lessened their financial contribution to that organisation. So, as they say they have less money (the USA usually gives 20% of their annual expenses), they have to cut down on outlays. They are an organisation for culture, history, education and such, so guess what is being taken of their programs?This is what I read – yes, maybe it is easy to guess – Holocaust studies, translations of Jewish material and the like!! Looks a bit like revenge.
The Egyptian Sinai gas line leading to Israel and Jordan, has again been sabotaged, evidently by Beduins – this is the 7th time since the overthrow of Mubarak’s reign – we’ll have to find alternative sources. It seems we can’t depend on the new regime.
Lately Iran has again been much on our news programs, and the reason of course is their continuous developement of a nuclear bomb which seems to be getting closer to its final stage. It is now certain that their aim is getting hold of nuclear weapons, and not for any other reason. It is also known that Iran received help from  Russian scientists and lately also from North Korea. Russian assistance to Iran’s nuclear program has always been a contentious issue between our two countries. The danger of possible war appears to be getting closer, and will affect not only Israel but many other countries in the world. Hopefully the world will wake up to this fact and will do more than just talk and impose weak sanctions.
Last Friday, another attempt was made by an international group in boats to break the sea blockade to Gaza.
They set out from Turkey, where they said they were off to Rhodos or Cyprus and this time no Turks were aboard, although it was obvious what their real destination was. When they approached Israeli waters, and their real destination was certain, they were told they could continue to Egyptian or Ashdod. But after those aboard the two boats failed to heed Israel instructions to stop their progress towards Gaza, they were boarded peacefully by members of the Israeli navy. Nobody was injured and the boats were towed to Ashdod port and the people returned to their original countries.