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During the last week, much of the local news has been about what is called the “Tal Law”, which is a law exempting Haredi (ultra religious) men who are studying Tora in yeshivot from compulsory military service. There should be equality amongst all, but unfortunately
this is not so. This coming August, the law is to expire, and there is talk of continuing it with minor changes, but so far nothing is clear.
If the truth be told, many of the exemptions for presumed yeshiva students are bogus, because a great number of them aren’t scholars,
but indoctrinated to reject military service. They can do “social” services in the community instead, but they don’t want to do that either.
On Friday there was much unrest on the Temple Mount. This is the holiest  site for Jews, because it is the place where the ancient Temple had stood, and all that is left of it today is the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) below it. But like in so many places of different religions in different countries, the Muslims built a mosque in its place, the El Aksa, which of course we did not destroy, and on their special day of prayer, on Fridays, many come to pray there. There were evidently untrue rumours spread by those wanting to incite, that Israel will take down the mosque, and hundreds of Muslim worshippers began rioting and throwing stones onto the Western Wall plaza below where Jews were praying. Security forces had to use force to disperse the rioters, and there were lightly wounded on both sides. Some arrests were also made. And  while I am still on the subject of the Temple Mount, I must tell that the destruction of its Jewish roots by the Muslims is still going on. The WAQF (Muslim religious authority) is continuing its long standing project of erasing all traces of Jewish history there and destroying evidence of ancient Jewish artifacts.Tractors are being used on the Temple Mount and construction materials are constantly brought in, in violation to pledges. We all know that Jerusalem is not mentioned even once in the Muslim holy book, the Koran, – but is mentioned so many times in the Hebrew Bible which appeared thousands of years earlier.
A short time after sending last week’s blog in which I mentioned the terrorist attack in India, we heard of a something similar from Thailand, but this time an aborted terrorist incident which turned out badly for the perpetraters. This time two of them were caught, and yes, they possessed Iranian passports. Evidently three potential terrorists rented an apartment near the Israeli embassy, but they had what we call “a work accident” when some of their explosives blew up inside the bulding and they had to run out. So far one got away, another was arrested at the airport in his attempt to leave the country and the third one had even worse luck with explosives he had hidden on his body, he got badly wounded and lost a leg.
And whilst on the subject of terrorism, the shooting of rockets from the Gaza Strip continues, more this last week, reaching even near the towns of Be’er-Sheva and Ashdod.  They also fired at our troops patroling near their border. Our air force retaliated, but as usual only mildly, in order not to hurt innocent civilians, although the shooting mostly takes place from their midst.
The senseless massacre of civilians in Syria continues daily, now Iran is helping President Assad, and two Iranian naval ships have been sent, via the Suez Canal and are now anchoring in a Syrian port,  surely unloading weapons.

I heard rumours this morning that they are as usual trying to blame Israel for what is happening there, which is a ridiculous assumption.

The so-called “peace talks” in Jordan have been discontinued  – when the Israeli delgation arrived for a meeting last weekend in Amman to present their latest security proposals, the Palestinian veteran negotiator Saeb Erekat refused to enter the room. He is refusing to take the talks seriously, probably because of their now so-called “friendship” between the Fatah Palestinian authority and the terrorist Hammas organisation in Gaza. This does not bode well for Israel.There is growing suspicion that the Palestinians are working on the basis that if they draw out the process, they will be able to make a better deal later. But  I repeat, the real enemy in the Middle East today is Iran, and not Israel!
Israeli embassies all over the world are now on alert, after the latest terrorist  attack in New Delhi, India, in which the wife of an Israeli diplomat was seriously wounded after a magnetic explosive device which had been attached to her car, blew up with her in it. Passers-by said they had seen a motor bike stopping there briefly a short time earlier and Prime Minister Natanyahu said that surely Iran was behind this attack, and another attempted similar attack in Georgia (Country which formerly belonged to the Soviet Union) at about the same time, but this attack luckily failed as the explosives were discovered before being set off.
Last Wednesday the Israeli Trade Unions (Histadrut) started a country-wide strike , mostly in aid for the many people working for contractors, who do the same work as those employed on a permanent basis, but get less pay and worse conditions. All government and municipality offices , transportation, some schools and kindergardens, banks, post offices and more  were closed. The strike lasted for five days, all dustbins were overflowing and the streets were filled with garbage – but it was for a good cause. The minimum wage has been raised a bit, some contract workers will be directly employed, other will get better conditions, but of course not all demands were met, but hopefully the poor people will profit.
In Syria, Israel’s neighbouring country, the “massacre” of innocent civilians is still going on, a number of thousands so far –  men, women and children – and no end seen to it. President Assad seems to think he can hold on to his rule, although most of the people are rising up against him.The Security Council wanted to denounce this killing strongly, but for strange reasons, Russia and China vetoed the decision.
And in Egypt all is not quiet either, and not only for political reasons. Last week their favourite soccer team lost against the Port Sayeed one,and their supporters started demonstrations, attacking players and onlookers with sticks and stones,. Forty-eight people were killed and hundreds wounded. It was said that many of the victims had died in the crush of people in the stadium. Is that considered “sport”?
And security in the isolated desert region of Sinai has also deteriated since the overthrow of former President Mubarak. A party of five tourists travelling to the Saint Catherine’s monastery were stopped by armed men, who first took all the tourists’ money and valuables and then kidnapped two of the women for whom they later demanded ransom. And the gas line leading to Israel and Jordan has now been blown up again, for the 11th time. Israel can no longer depend on this gas supply, is using fuel from other sources and the price of electricity amongst other things, is going up.