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The “Western Wall” Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz issued a statement concerning the Palestinian Authority President Mahmuoud Abbas after the latter in a speech insisted that “Jerusalem will forever be Arabic, Islamic and Christian”, (presumably he added Christian in order not to anger  so many countries, whose support he needs), but of course no mention of Israel. Rabbi Rabinowitz sais “Those who wish to return Jerusalem to the cycle of denial and bloodshed, and to erase its Jewish past for the sake of a political struggle should be condemned.”
There is so much proof about the holy city of King David. Even ancient coins bearing the names of the kings of Judah found amongst the city’s ruins will testify to that too. The Rabbi added, “full freedom of religion and worship” has been established by the Israeli government “for the first time in 2,000 years,” adding that Abbas’s words were proof that the Jewish people could not rely on anyone else to secure access to its holy places. “Through 2,000 years since the expulsion from Jerusalem of my ancestors by the sword of Rome, Jerusalem has been destroyed and rebuilt time and again, concluded Rabinowitz. “Having merited to return to Jerusalem, we chose to stop the cycle of destruction and to return to our beloved city its eternal destiny, as it is said in the Book of Isaiah, ‘And it shall be in the end of days, that the mountain of God’s house shall be established as the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it,’” he said.
During the last few days seven rockets have again been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip and damage was caused in an industrial zone.
In response Israeli aircraft  struck terror targets (two weapon production and storage sites) in Gaza and reported accurate hits. An Israeli army spokesman said that we will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israeli citizens and will continue to operate against anyone who who operates terror against our country.

The new Egyptian President Morsy has transformed his country into an Islamist state in the space of one week. He dismissed the military commanders  and fired all the editors of the state-owned media and replaced them with Muslim Brotherhood loyalists. He also implemented a policy of censorship so that no one dares to publish criticism of him and gave himself complete control over the writing of Egypt’s new constitution. He now holds powers surpassing those  of former president Mubarak. This means that Morsy now holds full dictatorial powers. He has transformed Egypt from a military dictatorship into an Islamic one. He is also considering revising the peace agreement with Israel and intends “to ensure Egypt’s full sovereignty and control over every inch of Sinai ” and has already breached the peace accord and deployed heavy weapons and forces to Sinai, much without Israeli permission. What is surprising is the US response to Morsy’s moves. The Obama administrations officials behave as though nothing has happened or even as though Morsy’s actions are positive developements.

 Security forces searched the Eilat area on Wednesday night after two powerful blasts rocked the Red Sea resort city. Luckily no rockets reached the town, but they certainly came from the Sinai area. Three days later another blast was heard, also outside Eilat, and so far one rocket crater has been found. This is I believe was the 4th time in four months. Hopefully it will stop

Our president Shimon Peres celebrated his 89th birthday a few days ago. His party with guests, cake with candles etc. was shown on all TV programs and he was also interviewed . There, without being asked, he gave his political views concerning the possibility of an Israeli attack on the nuclear building sites in Iran, thus angering our Prime Minister Natanyahu and Minister of Defence Ehud Barak  who say it is not the President’s job to talk about Israel’s defence plans or any political subjects, he should not air such opinions as he represents all factions of the population. Although Achminijad has clearly stated that his and Iran’s main aim is to destroy Israel, whom he openly calls a “Cancer” , Peres is against attacking now without American consent. There are different opinions about this in Israel, and nothing has been decided yet, – but the former good normal relationship between our President and our Prime Minister has definitely been hurt. Unfortunately Iran is a real threat to Israel’s existance.

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During the last couple of weeks, a great number of forest fires “broke out” in different districts, mostly around Jerusalem, Haifa, Tivon and other areas on the Carmel. Luckily fire fighters with help of planes were able to control them and put them out, although in some cases people had to be evacuated from their homes, and on Thursday even three houses were burnt down. So far they have not been able to find the source of these fires, although it is believed they were deliberately set by national-minded local Arabs – but no real proof for this has yet been found. Hopefully they will stop, although yesterday there was another small one. The very hot weather and wind unfortunately help spread the fires.

And on the subject of Israeli Arabs,  about a week ago, eight residents of Nazareth and the town Ghajar (the latter is half in Israel and half in Lebanon) were charged with helping with the infiltration of 20 Kilograms of high-grade explosives, thus foiling a Hezbolla attack inside Israel.
A 100 years have passed since the birth of  Raoul Wallenberg, who is what we call a “Rightous amongst Nations” ( A  title Israel gives to those who risked their lives to help Jews during the holocaust) Raoul Wallenberg, who was born in Sweden, worked as a diplomat in Hungary and saved tens of thousands of Jewish lives in Hungary. He disappeared mysteriously after the war.  A commemoration in his blessed memory was held last week.
In Egypt a great number of high officers have been dismissed from the army by the new President and replaced by those we believe to be alligned to the Moslem Brotherhood. We don’t yet know how this spells out for Israel. And in Syria the killing continues, but all believe the end of Assad is near. Will this be better for Israel and the world? Who knows?The changes in government in the north African countries doesn’t seem to have proved so good.
Today the price of bread was raised by 6 1/2 % – the reason given that wheat and fuel are now more expensive in the whole world. This will be hard for many people.
Shalom from Irene

Two days ago a terrorist attack coming from Sinai was luckily prevented. The intended attackers, who are presumed to belong to the  global Jihad terror cell based in Sinai, including Beduin from the region, first broke into an Egyptian army base, killed 16 Egyptian soldiers and stole two armoured jeeps. One of these vehicles which was probably boobytrapped, exploded as  it rammed through the Kerem Shalom crossing which is shared by Israel, Egypt and the Gaza Strip. The second jeep raced ahead and engaged in a firefight with Israeli troops, but was destroyed by an Israeli air strike, six terrorists were killed, and the army went looking for  survivors  who could also be a danger, but none were found. Later the six bodies were returned to Egypt. It is presumed that the aim of the attack was to take Israeli hostages or infilterate into a nearby community and  attack its residents.

There had been previous warnings of possible terrorist activity in the area, and residents of communities in the area had been told to be on the alert.  Defence Minister Ehud Barak congratulated the IDF (Israel defence Force) for thwarting the attack and called on the new Egyptian government to immediately restore control over Sinai, restore security and prevent further terrorist activities. I must add that the Egyptians are especially angry at the loss of life of their own soldiers and the army commander has given orders to shoot anyone dangerous without special orders. Even Hamas condemned the assault because of the death of Egyptian soldiers, but some members of the Moslem Brotherhood strangely enough blamed Israel for this crime.

In Syria the fighting is still going on, and more and more people, officers and even politicians are deserting. Koffee Anan, the United Nations mediator has resigned after three months of unsuccessfully trying to make peace.

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