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Late this afternoon our most holy  Jewish day,Yom Kippur  (Day of Atonement) begins, we ask for forgiveness for sins committed during the year, and as I am sure I already mentioned, it is also a day of fasting. Therefore today’s blog will be relatively short .

There are not many new subjects which are unknown to my readers – as most of our news programs still tell about the violent rioting in so many Muslim countries, the reason given being the video about Muhammed – there seems to be no end to this,  and it was also given as a reason for a terrorist attack a few days ago in the Sinai peninsula on the Egyption-Israeli border, where a fence is being built .

The  attack took place  where it has not yet been completed. The attackers were killed but one of our soldiers unfortunately lost his life to them.

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Our holy New Year (Rosh Hashana ) festival passed peacefully and I hope that next week when we celebrate Yom Kippur, this being the most sacred Jewish one during the year, when we fast for the day and repent on all the sins we committed during the year, will also pass calmly.
Much of the news here is of course about the violent rioting in about 20 Muslim countries,  and murder of American diplomats in some of these because of the film which is said to have insulted  Muhamed and Islam, produced by a Christian Coptic Egyptian born man living in America. At first naturally Jews and Israelis were accused of producing the film. I haven’t seen the film, but I wonder why when the Muslims always openly call Jews “the descendents of pigs and monkeys” this is allowed and not found insulting by them, or anyone else in the world for that matter. Also many Christians who had been living in Arab countries were killed only because of their religion, but this resulted in no riots..
It has now become known that the Palestinian Authority has granted jailed terrorists who murdered Israelis, large salaries, higher for those with Israeli citizenship. The PA which mostly relies on foreign funds in order to stay solvent, spends 6% of its annual budget to pay $4.5 million a month to jailed terrorists and another $6.5 million to their families.
In Syria the constant murder of innocent citizens continues, and rumour now has it, that Assad intends to use chemical weapons and even give some of these to the terrorist Hizbulla organisation. This will be a tragedy for the whole world.
Enough for today. Shalom from Irene
Today I’ll begin with a pleasant subject for a change – sports – which I usually put at the end of my blog.
The closing ceremony of the Para-lympic Games in London is over, and Israel ended with 8 medals. Five bronze ones, two silver and even one gold medal for wheelchair tennis. (In the regular Olympics we only got one bronze. Our disabled sportsmen and women are evidently better :-) . ) It made us proud to hear the Israeli anthem played and to see Noam Gershony carry the Israel flag at the closing ceremony.
Israel still worries about Iran attaining nuclear weapons, and we were glad to hear that Canada has closed the Iranian embassy and cancelled diplomatic relations with that country. But this is not enough and Israel has asked President Obama to be more precise in describing a “red line” for how far Iran can go. Unfortunately his reply through Hillory Clinton has not been very clear. An official in Jerusalem said that without a clear red line Iran will not cease its race towards nuclear weapons – there must be deadlines.
In a meeting in Cyprus, Britain and the Netherlands urged other EU governments to join in imposing sanctions on the Lebanese “political” group Hezbollah, because it is really a terrorist group and is evidently helping the Assad regime in Syria, where there are still around 100 dead every day. The fact that they are terrorists has been clear for a very long time but we’ll have to wait and see who joins in this.

There is still no calm in the Middle East, and it concerns Muslim countries more than Israel. The daily murder of tens and often hundreds of innocents continues in Syria, and refugees are trying to reach neighbouringTurkey and Jordan, who now complain that they can’t take in any more. In Jordan there seems to be general unrest too, and who knows what will happen there. In Iran “all is as usual”. The developement of nuclear power continues at a fast pace. They even sponsered an international convention, which was attended by many and even the leader of the United Nations organization came, but after the Iranians had openly again said they wanted to wipe Israel of the map, he replied it was  “not suitable to destroy a member of the UN.”

    The Israeli Electric Corporation has been supplying electricity to the Palestinian Authorities for many years, but evidently they have not been paying enough for this service, and there is now a debt of about 700 million Shekels. The Electric Corporation is not doing so well  financially lately,  especially as the gas supply which formerly came from Egyptian Sinai has been stopped, and have demanded payment.
    They are waiting a fortnight for this, and have said if no money is paid they will be forced to partially stop giving electricity to the territories, to turn it off for different hours. Hope it won’t come to this, but it seems the Palestinians have money for arms and high wages for their leaders. I’ts the ordinary people who suffer.

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