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Tuesday, November 27th 2012 . During the day yesterday, all media headlines concerned Ehud Barak, our Minister of Defense, who announced his resignation from political life, although he will continue to serve in that position till the Knesset elections on January 22nd. He said he would not run for the coming election – (he had formed his own party which apparently was not doing so well in the polls, but he didn’t give this as a reason), and added that his final decision had been delayed by the Operation “Pillar of Defense”.
In the Likud, the leading party led by Prime Minister Natanyahu, internal party member elections of who will be in the list for voting in the coming elections, took place during Sunday and Monday and the unexpected results were published late yesterday evening. Many of the “old-timers” didn’t make it, including Bennie Begin, Michael Eitan, Dan Meridor and Avi Dichter, who all hold ministerial posts in the present government. On the whole, the Likid shifted much to the right.
Now for a few lines of what is happening in the contries surrounding us. In Syria nothing is new, the senseless killing continues. In Egypt all is not quiet, violent demonstrations are going on against the recently elected President Morsy, because he is evidently making new laws for himself against the judicial system in his country. He now insists he was misunderstood, but so far most of the people don’t seem to believe that. In Lebanon, the terrorist Hizbulla organization leader made a speech in which he mentioned that they possesed far-range rockets which would be used against Israel in any coming war, and could even reach the town of Eilat in the south of our country.
And again here in Israel, the reserve soldiers have returned home (not all at once) and the students amongst them, who may have missed exams, will
have the possibility of taking them at a later date. They deserve that.   Shalom from Irene

For the last few days I’ve been keeping a sort of diary of what is happening in Israel with the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, and sent copies to my friends abroad, and some of these were published in the Virginia News Source.

So in this blog I am not going to repeat myself, and just write the latest happenings, which are very similar to the former ones.

Yesterday and today (I’m writing at mid-day) the shooting of rockets into Israel continues, and Israeli planes are bombing selected areas in the Gaza Strip, trying not to hurt civilians, which is difficult because those “brave” Hamas members hide amongst them and fire from behind them.

Hospitals, mosques, all public buildings and densely settled civilian areas are their favorites for this.

There is talk of trying to make a truce, but so far nothing has come of it.

Today the U.N.O. President will be visiting Israel (and other places too) – maybe he will be able to do something to stop the shooting. If no missiles are fired into Israel, no Israeli planes will attack Gaza – that is certain.

Yesterday about 140 missiles were fired from Gaza, and two even hit a school in Ashkelon, causing much damage. It’s lucky children there don’t attend school these days.

Many wedding parties have been cancelled – many people together in an unprotected building could turn out to be a disaster. But the young couples do get married by a rabbi, in a private home, or rabbinate building, with only close family present.

The coming elections in Israel are hardly mentioned in the news, and neither is the continuous  murderous shooting in Syria .

I hope for better news next time.

Shalom from Irene

For the last few days there has been a regular barrage of rockets being fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, maybe even 200, and so far no end is seen, although Israeli planes have bombed certain areas including their tunnels, but of course, as always we try not to hurt civillian population. They do the exact opposite and fire into towns and villages and have caused much damage and also casualties. In many places in the  south, including Be’er Sheva, Ashdod and Ashkelon some schools have been closed, because they have not sufficient shelters or defensive areas against rockets. The same applies to some places of employment. Something must be done, and there is much talk in military and government circles, who would surely prefer preparing for the coming elections – but we must wait and see what will be.
On the Syrian-Israeli border all is also not quiet, and a number of shells have landed on our side. They say their army was shooting at rebels nearby, and the shells landed by mistake, but after this happened a couple of times, Israel shot back, and hopefully that is the end of that.
Now for a very different subject – archaeology. An ancient well was discovered from apparently 8,500 years ago. It is 8 meters deep and its upper diameter is 1.3 meters. Two skeletons , one of a man and one of a woman were found at the bottom of the well, and the archaeologist so far have no idea how they came to be there. They believe the well was used for agricultural purposes.
And again something different. In the town Akra in Ghana, a six story house collapsed with all its inhabitants trapped in the ruins. A seven person team including two doctors from Israel, has flown out there to help. This is not the first time Israel has sent help to different countries after disasters, especially earthquakes.                      I’ll close my blog now. Shalom from Irene

It’s difficult finding new subjects to write about in my blog these days, as most of the news here is about guesses for the outcome of the presidential elections taking place tomorrow in the U.S.A, about the different opinions for the results of the coming Israeli elections in January (we have too many political parties), and unfortunately not a day passes by without our hearing of terrible traffic accidents. The Hurrican Sandy on the American east coast is no longer in the news, but the awful ravage it caused is still talked about. So today I will only mention a few minor happenings in our area.

Last week a group of 237 Jews from Ethiopia came to Israel, this being the largest single group of immigrants to land here in the last two years. There are almost 8,000 Jews left in that African country, and they are all what are called “Falash Mora” , descendents of Jews who were forced to change their religion many years ago, and on arriving in Israel they are all re-converted to Judaism by members of the religious establishment.

A short time ago, UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees in the Middle East) said that Holocaust studies should be part of the school syllabus in elementary schools, but this has met with great criticism from teachers in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan and across the Middle East, and they don’t intend to do so, although they are financed by UNRWA.

In Syria the daily killing continous, about a hundred more or less, mostly more , and a couple of days ago, three Syrian tanks even crossed the Israeli border, evidently by mistake – but our forces are on alert.

Many food prices have gone up in Israel this last week, some by 4 or 5 percent, causing financial difficulties in many families. Strangely enough, the price of petrol has gone down.
Well, that’s all for today. Shalom from Irene