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As in a few hours our Passover festival begins, I will mostly only give a few of our news headlines today.
Of course President Obama’s visit in Israel made the news for a few days. He made a good and friendly impression, gave nice speeches on subjects we wanted to hear, but naturally not all, and although again politely asked to free the American Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard from prison after 28 years replied with a negative answer (although maybe there was a hint of hope in the future for that).
Syria is constantly in the news. Evidently Assad’s troops used chemical weapons, although he denies it, but doctors who treated patients believe they did.
And by the way, we had four more wounded Syrians in one of our hospitals. And again, more shells fell in Israeli territory from Syria, but the last time our troops responded,  it is believed they were shot on purpose. The first few times we tried to believe them when they said they were stray ones.
From the Gaza Strip they’ve also been shooting a few rockets again – we did not shoot back.
A flight of Locusts has again invaded the country – as always they are being sprayed with chemicals. It is believed more will come – they are a real danger to agriculture.
Relations with Turkey may become better, because Natanyahu  made an apology  about what happened some years ago when our soldiers  had to kill some Turks
in self defense on the Marmara ship which was trying to reach Gaza, but was asked to come to an Israeli port first for inspection, as it was believed they
were bringing weapons to the Hamas terrorist organization.
Iran is constantly in the news with their threats of destroying Israel, and their continuing to develop nuclear power. President Obama said on his visit here that he is still
trying to stop them,  thinking sanctions will stop them, but so far they are going full speed ahead.
That’s all for today. happy Passover and happy Easter wishes from Irene

I’m back to writing my blog again and the headlines in Israel today are mostly about the new coalition government which was formed yesterday, and will hopefully perform well.    There are many who are disappointed at not being included, especially the ultra-religious parties and some former ministers. And after the elections in January, there are many new faces (and parties) in our Knesset.

In surrounding countries , especially Syria the senseless killing continues. During the last two years about seventy thousand people have lost their lives there, a million have become refugees and Syria has financial debts of a hundred million Dollars. Regarding the shooting, shells were even fired across the border to Lebanon a few days ago, because not only Iran, but the Hezbollah organization there is evidently helping Assad. Who knows what the outcome will be, and when?

With Jordan, Israel’s relationship is much better, and Jordanian King Abdullah in a series of interviews with an American magazine said that his relationship with Prime Minister Natanyahu was “very strong” and that their discussions “had really improved”. But he expressed worry about the prospects of a two state solution in the near future.The interviews followed media reports at the beginning of March saying that Natanyahu and Abdullah had met in Jordan, but these reports were neither confirmed nor denied.

Next Monday evening our Passover (Pesach) festival which lasts for a week, begins. This festival commemorates the exodus of the Children of Israel led by Moses leaving slavery in Egypt after the ten plagues when Pharaoh relented, wandering 40 years through the desert till reaching the Promised land, as written in the Bible. We eat foods to to remind us of those hard times, bitter herbs and such, and matzoth (unleavened bread like water biscuits) – they had to leave Egypt in a hurry before Pharaoh changed his mind again and no time for the yeast in the bread to rise.For those of my readers who celebrate Passover, I wish a happy and healthy holiday.  Shalom from Irene


For the last two days nearly all news programs begin the the plague of locusts which have arrived in millions (yes, millions) in the south of the country – they came originally from Sudan to Egypt and from there many continued here.

We have been spraying the area with chemicals and hopefully our agriculture won’t suffer TOO much.

After over a month of elections, we still have no new government, although at last Natanyahu has begun talking with parties he didn’t want at first.

A few shells fell in the Golan heights area from Syria, they say it was because of the fighting there, by mistake. By mistake? I wonder?

Also a couple of missiles from the Gaza strip – surely not by mistake also.

Six of the wounded Syrians who had been treated in one of our hospitals have been returned to their country. One is still in serious condition and left in hospital.

And some sport news, An Israel participant in windsurfing, Lee Korzits,  at World Championship in Brazil took the world title.

That’s enough for now.

Shalom from Irene