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U.S. Secretary Kerry held a meeting in Amman (Jordan) with Israeli Minister Livni and the Palestinian Authority leader Abbas to try and form a peace plan. I doubt if anything will come of these talks because Abbas has often spoken against the existence of a Jewish State. I quote him here :”We will never recognize a Jewish state and there will be no Jews allowed in a Palestinian State.” And now to top it all, Hussein Fayad, one of the commanders of the terror group which carried out the 1978 Costal Road massacre, which led to the killing of 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children, revealed on Tuesday that Abbas has appointed him as one of his advisors. Fayad had been released in a prisoner swap with Israel in 1985.
And concerning terrorist organizations, Germany and France have at last joined Britain in recognizing the Hezbollah group as a terrorist organization (which they really are!!).
There has been an attempted Cyber attack on Israel, (apparently from Syria?) especially on water installations in Haifa, luckily it was unsuccessful.
This last Monday the Home Guard here started making exercises for possible fighting in the future, and these included letting air raid sirens being heard all over the country, to let people come into shelters and such, especially schools, hospitals, public buildings and such – a one minute one siren in the morning, and one in the evening.
With these lines I close today’s blog. Shalom from Irene
Even though Prime Minister Natanyahu had what he called a “successful visit” in Russia, they are going ahead and sending missiles and other modern weapons to Syria. The reason they gave is that they had signed contracts for these long ago, and can’t break them. Well, that’s what they say – but it does not spell good for the Syrian people or for Israel either – they can be used against us in the future. As for the future, many here think if the “rebels” manage to put down Assad, they may be worse for Israel than he was. There are now different terrorist groups fighting with them. Apart from that, Assad  said that he had many missiles pointing to Tel Aviv. But according to Israeli sources this is not new, and Tel Aviv is not the only place the missiles are aimed at. Chemical warfare used by him is also another problem.
A technical delegation from UNESCO the United nation’s cultural organization was to have come here to inspect the conservation work in Jerusalem’s Old City. This visit was to be professional and not political, but now it seems their aims are also mostly political and they want to meet with Palestinian leaders and it seems that Israel has called this planned visit off.
We again had a lot of rainfall, and the Lake Kinereth  has filled up and water is being let into the Jordan river, that hasn’t been done for a long time, the lake has had a very low water level for some years.
Local news is mostly about the financial situation and what the Minister of Finance is doing about it (not popular), and a bank incident in which 4 were killed, more wounded (the shooter committed suicide, all because of a debt he had in the bank).
We heard about the terrible tragedy in Oklahoma, the Tornado  which killed and wounded so many, and caused so much damage, and I want to send my consolations to those affected.
With these words I close today. Shalom from Irene

This evening our Shavuot festival begins, so today’s blog will be shorter than usual (am off to the kitchen for preparations after writing this).

The main news in Israel this week is about the financial state budget for 2003-2014 which has at last been passed, and made many people angry, because of extra taxes and lower payments for a great many sectors of the population. I believe that the Finance Minister had to make some very hard decisions, because of the financial situation – didn’t have much choice, but for many this makes life difficult..

The problem of locusts has again arisen, evidently the last flight laid eggs (or whatever they do to multiply) which developed a few days ago, and they will begin flying in the coming days. Planes are again used for spraying – hope this time they’ll finish them off completely.

There is now a plan for a large project of building 1,140 Palestinian homes on Israeli state land in Area C of the west bank near the city of Jericho. This project on 1,800 dunams of land will provide a legal housing solution for Palestinians living in illegal homes and unauthorized villages, which are not even properly connected to utilities. The heads of the Palestinian villages and Palestinian Authority have also been involved in this plan.

In Syria the fighting continues, and they also shot across the border into Turkey, killing a great number of people there. When will it end?       That’s all for today.  For those of my readers celebrating the Shavuot festival I send best wishes. Shalom from Irene                                                                    

The latest news here for the last few day has of course been about the bombing of convoys of weapons sent from Iran to the Hezbollah terrorist
organization who are helping Assad in Syria, an action said to have been performed by Israel, although so far we have not really commented on it.
The first attack on such a convoy was said to have taken place early Friday morning, and the second one during the night between Saturday and Sunday.
It is known that Iran is arming the Hezbollah, and there is fear that there are chemical weapons too sent to them. Israeli sources, although not giving
  any details, say that Israel will do everything possible to prevent such weapons from falling into the wrong hands.
And we heard that in Washington too, it is said that Israel has every right to defend itself and guard its safety.
Our prime Minister Natanyahu is now visiting China. His purpose is for economic reasons, but there it seems they also commented on Israel’s need for peace, and suggested  certain conditions, which for us are impossible. We so want these peace talks with the Arabs to start, but without conditions. Our first demand though, is SECURITY.
And now to end with a complete change of subject – we again have a couple of wounded  (by Assad’s fighters) Syrians in an Israeli hospital, and in a children’s hospital in Israel there are three children from Iraq undergoing heart surgery. They are of course accompanied by their mothers.
Enough for today. Shalom from Irene