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The violent demonstrations in Egypt are continuing with already over 60 dead and thousands wounded. The pro and anti-Morsi (who has been replaced by a temporary president) protesters seem unable to come to any agreement, and the Moslem Brotherhood, who are now a minority, vow more violence. It is said that new elections
will take place in another 6 months. What Egypt really seems to need most is economic stabilization. Israel is staying neutral so far.
Israel has been blamed by the International Red Cross for letting the “Magen David Adom” (Red Star of David ambulance service) operate in East Jerusalem and West bank,
although it is for both Jewish and Arab population. They insist that only the “Palestinian Red Crescent” should do so. In life-saving situations such details should not be of importance.
The Knesset has voted for a daylight saving scheme which will lengthen the daylight saving time by three weeks till the end of October. This has been opposed by the religious
parties  as it will force people to pray before sunrise (a religious problem). But it will save much electric power.
Now a few words about what is happening in Nigeria, an African country, not connected in any way to Israel. A boarding school in the north-east of that country was attacked by an Islamic group and 27 students and one teacher were cold-bloodedly murdered, some burnt to death when the buildings were set on fire. A similar attack happened a week before when 9 were shot dead in another school. Why don’t actions like these make headlines in the world?
Will close now. Shalom from Irene
Violent demonstrations are taking place in Egypt against President Morsi and evidently against the Moslem brotherhood as a whole. Many have already been killed, although it seems that the armed forces sympathises with the demonstrators. Strangely enough although Morsi has certainly shown no favours to Israel, the crowds accuse him also of being on our side. The main problem though seems to be economical.
More rockets were fired by Gaza terrorists into Israel at civilian populations, and we called on the UN to denounce these. The usual statements calling for mutual restraint are not enough. It is time the Security Council unanimously condemned these frequent attacks which are not based on any provocation from Israel.
Last week Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust museum unveiled a new exhibition that marked 50 years of recognizing non-Jews who risked their lives  during World War II, dedicated to the thousands of people from 47 countries who have been honoured as “Righteous among the Nations”. Between 400 and 500 are usually recognized a year.
A ceremony was held at the Haifa cinematheque to recognize the record-high 3,000 Arabs volunteering in the national service program this year. Unlike the Jewish Israelis, they are not called up for compulsory military or national service. Minister Bennet who is in charge of national service spoke against incitement by Israeli Arab leaders against those who participate in the program. We want to see Arabs and Jews living together in coexistence. Ninety percent of Arab volunteers serve in the Arab sector, in schools, daycare centers, hospitals,and programs against drugs and violence. The make up of the minority volunteers is Christian Arabs 17%, Druze 21% (also serve in the army), and Beduin Muslims 51%.
We heard about the terrible fires in Arizona with 19 firefighters losing their lives. We share in their grief. Shalom from Irene