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For the last few days I’ve been keeping a sort of diary of what is happening in Israel with the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza, and sent copies to my friends abroad, and some of these were published in the Virginia News Source.

So in this blog I am not going to repeat myself, and just write the latest happenings, which are very similar to the former ones.

Yesterday and today (I’m writing at mid-day) the shooting of rockets into Israel continues, and Israeli planes are bombing selected areas in the Gaza Strip, trying not to hurt civilians, which is difficult because those “brave” Hamas members hide amongst them and fire from behind them.

Hospitals, mosques, all public buildings and densely settled civilian areas are their favorites for this.

There is talk of trying to make a truce, but so far nothing has come of it.

Today the U.N.O. President will be visiting Israel (and other places too) – maybe he will be able to do something to stop the shooting. If no missiles are fired into Israel, no Israeli planes will attack Gaza – that is certain.

Yesterday about 140 missiles were fired from Gaza, and two even hit a school in Ashkelon, causing much damage. It’s lucky children there don’t attend school these days.

Many wedding parties have been cancelled – many people together in an unprotected building could turn out to be a disaster. But the young couples do get married by a rabbi, in a private home, or rabbinate building, with only close family present.

The coming elections in Israel are hardly mentioned in the news, and neither is the continuous  murderous shooting in Syria .

I hope for better news next time.

Shalom from Irene

A relatively quiet week has passed, and the peace talks have not yet resumed. I know I’m repeating myself, but if and when they begin talking again, there is not much chance for their success, unless the Arabs change some of their conditions – and this has nothing to do with a possible building freeze in the West bank. As long as the Palestinian Arabs believe that the State of Israel can be destroyed, there is no reason for them to enter true negotiations on coexistence and a two-state solution. And as the Palestinian Authority does not change its Charter, calling for the destruction of the State of Israel, although this is not said openly to the world, we have to make sure of the security for our state.
Abbas’ term as President of the Palestinian Authority quietly expired in January 2009, so legally he has no authority, but even so in his statement at the White House,  “President” Abbas, declared his hopes for successful negotiations “in the name of the PLO.” He did not even pretend to represent the Palestinian Authority, the Muslim world, nor anyone other than the PLO, a defeated and corrupt organization now despised and mistrusted by Palestinians, and propped up only by Western dollars and the Israeli government.
In January 2005, Palestinians made their choice official when the Islamist group HAMAS won a decisive victory over the PLO, capturing over two-thirds of the vote in free elections.
Our Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu left for the U.S.A. for a meeting with President Obama which will take place this evening. The last time they met it didn’t go off so well, so we all hope that this get-together will be a more successful and friendly one, a meeting with understanding on both sides and no pressure put on Israel. We are fighting for our very physical existance, and wish the whole world would understand that.
The internet “facebook” had a rather unpleasant subject shown lately. On Sunday a  very anti-semitic theme was shown, declaring that July the 9th was to be a “Kill a Jew day”. They even printed a large Swastika. After receiving many protests,  Facebook removed this page, but has not as yet expelled the people who signed for this. I wonder if they will do that.

Antisemitism, in the guise of anti-Zionism,  has reached new heights this last week, especially in Sweden. One of the largest circulating daily newspapers there, the “Aftonbladet” accused Israeli soldiers of abducting Palestinians to steal their organs.

This is a grotesque throwback to the blood libels of the Middle Ages and has been strongly denied by Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor, who characterized this story as “racist hysteria” at its worst”, adding, “No one should tolerate such a demonizing piece of medieval blood libel that surely encourages hate crimes against Jews. This is a shame to freedom of expression, and all Swedes should reject it unconditionally.

The headlines of the article were, “They plunder the organs of our sons,’ and Palestinians are quoted as saying that Israeli soldiers kidnapped their sons and stole organs. No real enquiry was made into these untrue accusations, it was just “hearsay” from Arab sources, who we know are far from truthful in most of their “news items”

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