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Another ship will evidently soon be on its way to Gaza, this time from Lebanon and they say its passengers will all be  women. We still don’t know what the outcome will be, hopefully if there is only a search, it will pass peacefully.
Some of Israel’s restrictions on civilian goods have been lifted. Prime Minister Benjamin
Natanyahu said that Israel is only interested in keeping weapons and war supporting material out of Gaza, because the Hamas terrorist organization ruling there, uses these for preparing and carrying our terror and rocket attacks against Israel and its civilians.
So far, every concession Israel has made, has further restricted our basic ability to defend ourselves, and none has brought us nearer to peace. All they have done is to set the bar higher for future concessions.
This last year the Iranian regime has murdered protesters after a stolen election, China and
Korea continue torturing and murdering political dissidents, Saudi Arabia keeps slave workers,
Venezuela shuts down independent media stations and imprisons opponents. And Turkey –
there they continue killing and holding thousands of Kurdish political prisoners.
( I won’t mention the Armenian genocide of years ago which they continue to deny
although there is so much proof).
In Sudan genocide also continues  and more evil deeds in other parts of the world are committed – but the world is blind to all these.
The only condemnations are against Israel.
Even all the countries on this list above rush forward with their condemnations.