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Yesterday evening, the cabinet held long talks on the proposed Gilad Shalit (our kidnapped soldier by the Hamas organisation) swap, and senior defense officials and IDF officers admitted that a mass release of security prisoners to the West Bank would give Hamas a substantial boost and create major operational challenges and danger for the State of Israel. One of the main issues that reportedly remains at the core of the cabinet’s debate is whether Israel will allow some of the released terrorists, many of them real cold-blooded murderers, to return to the West Bank. Hamas would naturally want some prisoners – particularly the senior ones – to return to the West Bank, where they would likely try and rebuild the terrorist group’s infrastructure, which has been significantly damaged by continuous IDF operations in recent years. “A massive release to the West Bank could alter the balance,” said one IDF officer. And as before, no decision has yet been made. It’s evidently up to Prime Minister Natanyahu to decide what to do with those terrorist prisoners, a difficult ruling if ever there was one. Maybe today we’ll know more.

And now for something different. I’ll write about a local but humane deed which occured a few days ago. During the Hanukah week, when schools were closed and certain places of work  sent their workers on holiday, a family with a number of children went on an excursion in one of the forests near Jerusalem. Suddenly they noticed that one of their sons, an 8 year old boy suffering from autism, was missing.