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The New Year 2010 has begun, and I hope it will be a better one for the whole world, with less violence than the previous one. Here in Israel we’ve already had new rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, to which we reacted by bombing more of their “under-the-border tunnels”, which has angered them and they are threatening revenge. But terrorism doesn’t occur only in Israel. Only a few days ago we heard that in Pakistan¬† about 70 people were killed in a suicide bombing during a football game. Will the murder of innocent people ever stop?

And as for politics, a subject I usually never want to write about. The leaders of our main parties are what can be mildly labled as “not on the best of terms”, after a meeting, and the Kadima party may even break up. Unfortunately we have too many political parties in Israel, and it’s difficult forming a co-elition government.

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