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Our president, Shimon Peres, is now visiting the United States. He has a full agenda. Yesterday he addressed the American Israel Public Affairs committee at their annual conference, and later met Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry. He is of course, in a manner, preparing for our Prime Minister’s coming visit to President Obama.

Prime Minister Nataniyahu who is also also coming for a visit in another week, has lately said that he agreed to a two-state solution, but he must have a partner for that amongst the Arabs, one who does not deny the right of Israel to exist. He believes that the Israel-Palestine problems should not be tied to the Iranian nuclear bomb one.

Today Shimon Peres will also meet President Obama , also Vice-President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House. I hope the two Presidents will have a good meeting.

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