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In a speech last week, Minister of Defence Ehud Barak spoke about the extremely large number of long-range rockets which the Hizbulla terrorist organisation in Lebanon now posseses, and which they threaten to use against Israel. Barak warned that he holds the Lebanese government responsible for any kind of attack against our country, and that in the case of an attack we will respond accordingly. (And then, I’m sure, as always the world will blame only us).
But talking of rockets, I must add that nearly every week a number of them are fired into Israeli territory from Gaza. Luckily they haven’t caused any damage or loss of life lately, but we can never know what will be the next time. Our usual reaction to these attacks nowadays is to bomb one of the many “smuggling tunnels” leading from Egypt into the Gaza Strip. If someone gets hurt, there is of course a great outcry from there – and even if no one is involved they pretend otherwise.