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What a shame that the VBTA continues to embarrass itself with its continuing crusade against Town Center, when in fact our citizens, our voters, and most of all, our taxpayers, agree that it will continue to provide positive fiscal dividends for decades to come.

Beth Allen will once again tow the VBTA line, yet the VBTA cannot overcome the facts.  First, TIF's are endorsed by the Government Finance Officers Association, they are encouraged by statute in Virginia for development,  extra taxes and service fees are paid by the owners in the district to manage and operate the special services there, and the result is a district with a much higher ratio of commercial to residential that ought to make even Al Saferstein happy.

So if the VBTA wants to continue to tilt at windmills, so be it, but the effect of continuing to oppose initiatives that the broad majority of citizens and voters want has doomed the organization to irrelevancy.  

But then again, is anyone there who really cares?   

Michael Barrett - Virginia Beach

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