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I just watched TV coverage of the most arrogant representative from Massachusetts, Mr. Barney Frank. Barney said a mouthful when he proclaimed at a Town Hall meeting last night that "I can't understand why you're so angry?" Well, Barney, that's exactly why they're angry!

Our elected representatives are so removed from the bad decisions that they are making that I actually feel like many of them feel that they are doing a good job! If you're making over $100k and getting preferential mortgage rates from corrupt lenders, life is good! Throw in lobbyist lunches and junkets and I guess they feel like we, the taxpayers, are all chumps worthy of scorn.

That's why my wife and I will be in DC on 12 September to make them notice us. If we put one million voters on the street, we can change America for the better. If we put 2 million voters on the street, we can demand some resignations! The 12th is a Saturday and many will day trip it to drive the point home.


John Kuchta

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Larry Stewart  - Barney Frank a reflection of voters | |09-06-2009 14:37:10
When nutters like Rep. Frank get elected and re-elected over and over again in our communities, it tells all about those that live there. Our politicians get by with it because we allow them to. We just might be as stupid as they think we ar.