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July 16, 2009 - - As for the Military Radar moving, what a joke. The money is just shuffled from one government agency to another. And it's all OUR money. Democracy ~ I don't see any.

As for the projects listed, they are Part of the Master Plan. The plan to create pet projects for pet owners of government. And their Pie in the Sky Ideas.

As I've said before, we need a real attorney and to file Discrimination lawsuits and injunctions on these projects. Surely, there must be a few hotel owners who don't want their revenues to continue to be split by too many hotel rooms.

There is NO Need for additional hotels. Why should locals give up the last real parking lots at the Oceanfront. (Dome & Rudee Inlet) There must be a law somewhere that there has to be a certain number of parking spaces for those who live in the City, to access their own Beachfront.

The Light Rail, is part of the "access", so that the citizens can't sue for restricted access. We need vehicular access.  If they build their public transit and take away all parking access to the Resort and Waterside, they are in FACT, destroying our access to PARKS & RECREATION.

If "we the people" are forced to use public transportation, then EVERY elected official, must also be forced to use public transportation. (and leave their expensive vehicles in parking lots to be looted or stolen)

By the way, I just found out, that one reason I can't get many stations on my weather radio, is because I live too close to Oceana. It interferes with the radios. Where would they move the radar, and why would they move it.

Sadly, I don't believe anything "my" government says or does. So why do we even need radar? Isn't this the One World Order?

Thanks for letting me vent.

BSmith - Virginia Beach
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