Home Letters To The Editor VBTA doesn't realize mayoral vote was lite rail referendum!

So once again, on the pages of the Virginian-Pilot, the VBTA transportation chairman leads the opposition to Light Rail Transit, an initiative that 86% of voters expressed a preference for in their vote for Mayor.

So members of the VBTA must be asking themselves; does the organization have a death wish?  Given its dismal performance in the last election, should it be the vocal leader against an issue for which the voters have already expressed their support?

Greenmun has of course answered that question for the organization.  It is interesting that he is a strong voice for a referendum when it appears that the membership has not itself had a vote.  But of course with Dean and Greenmun in charge, no vote is necessary; they run the organization with an iron fist, no dissension allowed.

At some point, the end will come for the VBTA.  It is simply impossible to thrive as a community group if that group consistently takes positions that are at variance with the public interest.  Frankly, their extremism has doomed them to derision and irrelevancy.

Somebody needs to clue them in.  MJB sends!
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