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It is interesting to note that Mike Barrett used to show his name, together with his position as president of Rummymede Corp. on his diatribe in VirginiaNewsSource.  Now he has left off his title.

[Editor's note:  In all fairness to Mike Barrett:  Mike did used to include his full name.  VNS added his title. Mike never did put his title on any letters to the editor.  He complained that VNS did, but when told VNS would continue to do it, exercise its prerogative, he dropped his objections and continued to post.  Now that he's as well known as he is to VNS readers, VNS lets him slide with his initials and signature, "mjbsends."]

If I were his boss, Andrew Fine, I would have told him long ago to do that and concentrate on the business.

But for some reason, he gets off by picking on VBTA and other organizations that do not think like his lemming thinking.  Reminds me how his fellow Democrat tax and spend liberals go after Sarah Palin.  They say she and VBTA are not important and then devote energy to denegrate them.  

Me thinks they do protest too much!

Ben Krause - Virginia Beach
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