Home Letters To The Editor Ranting against VBTA based on emotions, not fact!

It is simply amazing that mighty Keyboard Commando Mike Barrett, CEO of real estate development company, Runnymede, owned by Andrew Fine, thinks that the Virginia Beach Taxpayer's Alliance (VBTA) is so ineffective and out of touch and yet he continues his rant.

It must be plain hate or he is spouting lies?  Why else would he and the "Archangel" (????????) Henry Ryto continue to try to denigrate the VBTA?

It is also interesting to note that both ranters spout "feelings" instead of facts.  That is typical of tax and spend liberals and socialists.

It could be that both characters are fronts for other organizations who benefit from "tax and spend" and government funded projects that benefit only certain businesses.  

This is probably the case.

Ben Krause - Virginia Beach
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