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Home Letters To The Editor Cougars? I'd rather have one as a mascot name than an old lover!

Here come the Cougars and they are they latest to offend to the PC world!

Yes, I'm familiar with the use of the term cougar to describe another type of being, but give me a break. Personally, I've never given the new use of the term that much thought. Perhaps it's because as I near 60, older women don't do a great deal for me. Anyway, moving on...

So, what is next for the PC mafia? Well, I've comprised a list of teams that may soon find themselves under fire:

  • Oregon State University: the Beavers. OK, enough said here.
  • University of Southern California: the Trojans. Ditto.
  • New Orleans' NFL team: the Saints. Hey, can't have any reference to Christianity these days!
  • Dallas' NFL team: the Cowboys.  Really must change this to Cowpersons, although after they way they played this year, I'd suggest Cowgirls.
  • Long Island University: the Blackbirds. Naughty, naughty Heckle & Jeckle. Where are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?
  • Michigan State University: the Spartans. Well, you know all those rumors about Spartan men...
  • John Kuchta's beloved, albeit a misguided love, Louisiana State University and A&M College: the Tigers. In this particular case the name was taken from those Louisiana troops whom Robert E. Lee said "...fought like Tigers." Hey, not very PC to have any connections with the Confederacy, despite it being the sesquicentennial of the War Between the States. Just ask the folks at Ole Miss. Oops! Almost forgot that the even the nickname Ole Miss is on the chopping block for being non-PC. Hotty Toddy!
  • University of Notre Dame: the Fighting Irish. How they have been able to keep this degrading persona of the Celtic peoples is beyond me!
  • Duke University: the Blue Devils. Satanic cult connotations. Must be done away with, or it will warp the children's minds! Where's the Regent crowd?
  • Wake Forest University: the Demon Deacons. Ditto. Ditto. Ditto.

OK, enough. I think everyone gets my drift. Yes, you may say it's a stretch, but is it really?

If a cougar mascot can be found to be offensive, what term will be next? Methinks the inmates hath taken over the asylum.

Y'all have a great day, now, you hear?

With sincere regards,
Tom Holmes - Virginia Beach

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