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If there are, say, 1,000 qualified to run for office adults out of 30,000 people and it would take fewer than 100 of them to profoundly change the politics, culture and economics of this stagnant and depressed Southside Virginia county then why has it not happened? Are people that ignorant, lazy or just plain stupid?

I don't think so.

First, none of the jobs pay more than a pittance and few people know how to raise money to run a real campaign or where to find good information on issues.

Second, any decisions you make to affect real change will upset a considerable number of your former friends and family.

Third, the pressure to "go along to get along" with the entrenched establishment is just too powerful for most mortals.

Fourth, most people do not realize just how strong grass roots support would be for real reform, reform that takes us to more responsible and responsive government--- thinking outside the government as usual box, that puts citizens first and would spur real improvement.

A good start would be if you were to use your excellent new website: and the telephone to conduct real polls, not the usual handful of face to face interviews with not always too bright people on the street, with well crafted questions to a broad spectrum of the populace---you, and our electeds, might be in for a genuine shock! Not all of us want government to keep doing what it is doing. Even our incumbents might start acting differently.

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Mike Smith


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