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The first human being known to have arrived on these shores, sometimes prior to 1670 was Smith, about six generations before my own adult care giver, Smith was born.

The latter Smith, met and married a spouse now named Smith. They had two children, Smith and Smith, who later also met and married spouses who likewise became Smiths.

One of those sets of Smiths were my parents, Smith and Smith. They had three children too, Smith, Smith and Smith, who then in turn grew up, got married and had a total of nine children, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith and Smith.

I was one of those nine Smiths. I likewise married and after my spouse became Smith, we also had three children, Smith, Smith and Smith. Each got married also and have given me eight grand children, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith. and Smith. As yet, none of my grand children have given me any great grand children Smiths. I will let you know.

Honorifics are signs of respect. Back in the segregated 1950's newspapers used honorifics like "Mr. and "Mrs" only for White people. Blacks were referred by only their first and last names. Under the rubric of "fairness" must we now  disrespect all people?

Mike Smith
Chase City

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