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Ken Young, Joe Gregory, Dana DeFilippo, and Keith Phillips all deserve a big round of applause for pulling off one of the worst deceptions in sports since Shoeless Joe Jackson.

They have known about the move to another city since before the playoffs. And now they are such gutless, spineless wimps, that they won't even open the offices or take phone calls until Monday. What kind of crap is that?

If any of the Admirals players had a full working set of male genitalia, they would kick down Yzermans office door and demand to be traded. If they care so little for the fans, how little do you think they care for the players.

My support for the AHL has evaporated like the ice from the last Calder Cup game.

I have sent email to all the sponsors of the Syracuse Crunch informing them that I will no longer purchase their products or services as long as they sponsor or support them. And I'm encouraging all Admirals fans to do the same.

A Pissed-Off Former Admirals Fan
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Henry Ryto  - Slow Down | |06-17-2012 19:50:25
Yes, we knew Tampa Bay would probably pull their affiliation, and that Anaheim was the favorite as the new parent club.

However, your letter puts the blame on others for a decision that clearly lies with Lightning management. Don't take it out on others.
Tom Holmes  - UPSET ADMIRALS' FAN | |06-18-2012 04:15:20
Unfortunately, these things happen in the minors. That the management of the Tampa Bay Lightning was contemplating a move of its AHL affiliate to Syracuse was no state secret. In fact, it was considered pretty much a forgone conclusion. Owners of the Admirals franchise, in fact, should be commended for initiating negotiations with Anaheim to move its affiliate to Norfolk, so we'll continue to have professional ice hockey in this area.