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Our delegate here in Mecklenburg County, Va. thinks I am a crook because I want radar detectors to be legal in Virginia---the ONLY state to ban them. Our state senator in the 15th district must think all humans are crooks because he doesn't even want human lives protected by statute from womb to the tomb. NO, these are not my real reasons for not running.

My real reason for not running for office, nor becoming a doctor or lawyer---or just about any other "honest" pursuit of a livelihood is that we have all become crooks today and I refuse to contribute any more to universal crookedness!

As the Last Conservative in America I seem to be the only one remaining who realizes that all transfers of wealth and property from one citizen are dishonest. Oh, there are those in tiny libertarian, conservatarian and downright contrarian thinktanks, most in the South who "get it" like the Von Mises Institute, but nobody listens to them!

When Chase City, or any other of thousands of political subdivisions proudly proclaims it got federal government money for this or that useful project my blood pressure rises. I know it is wrong! Unless it is for national defense is violates the U. S. Constitution.

Such grants, loans or other ways of distributing property and money from the general public or individual private citizens, even from local or state government, unless they are for a legitimate public need---benefiting the general welfare, likely violate state constitutions or local charters.

Even if not they likely violate the Sixth Commandments against stealing and the Natural Law right of a man to keep and enjoy his own property.

As mayor I would have to join in the praise of theft or not have a chance of being elected---the public's perception of theft so pervasive. I could not even be an effective thorn in the side of the establishment unless two or more of my persuasion were to join in getting elected, so at least one more could second any resolution I introduced. Otherwise I get marginalized as a kook.

The latest outrage is $2.6million to improve our sewers. They may indeed need improving. I don't care. Nobody came to me to make a legitimate case for it. And government doesn't care what you or I think anyway.

This adds to the $3.5million we got for a new water system we didn't need for jobs that will never come to Chase City anyway.

Then there was $1.5 million for some street improvement project and a million or two for some neighborhood improvements (Not mine!) all of which adds up to about $8,000 per household---stolen from us by government!

All of us could use that money to improve our own homes, but a decent used car, or whatever. No matter to government and the idiots to who elect them.

Michael H. Smith
The ONLY conservative left standing
Chase City, VA
As always, I encourage readers to call me direct: 434-960-5151

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