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Maybe the earth wasn't warming significantly. Maybe it wasn't cooling either. What was going on? Maybe it was changing! That's it! weather changes! So what's the big deal? Weather always changes --- and there's nothing we can do about it!

Ah, but there is something, Kimosabe! We can blame it on man! (Notice liberals always avoid gender specific terms except when it comes to blame? Then it's always the masculine!)

Ever since Malthus, a “scientist” of his own 18th century day, decided God was wrong about man's mission to subdue and develop the earth, being productive of both children and the wealth that makes rearing them possible, we were running out of food---and space to grow it.

Malthusianism was quickly disproven by the ending of government's interference in the free market and the development of agriculture.

But, like all Big Lies wouldn't die. Paul Ehrlich, another “expert” predicted in the early 1970's that we'd all die in a decade, having run out of food and other essential materials.

Paul Simon bet him a cool $million there'd be MORE, not less commodities like oil and precious metals in a decade. Mr. Ehrlich never took him up on the bet.

We now have more oil discovered than ever.

We have excess food almost everywhere, only stupid governments and idiotic cultures keep it from the people.

Ignoring the facts the "solution" for rich idiots like Bill and Melinda Gates is to reduce world populations---they hate people so much!

Hypocrites! Why don't they "help us" by example and take themselves off the planet first?

The problem for global-warmists, climate-changists---beyond the ill logic of the latter term, is that there is no proof than man is causing anything more than a miniscule amount of climate anything!

True, in the L. A. basin and other valley situations there is localized pollution. Technology made possible by the inventive spirit of man and the free market has cleared up most of it.

The one area in which the warmists, coolists, staying-the-same-ists are right is the propensity of man to take over, control and consolidate other men's efforts---through expanding government.

Government likes bigness and consolidation. That means fewer and fewer and larger and larger human centers of activity-- typically in big cities, typically in valleys where summer weather patterns make it difficult to keep the air clean.

That plus the very inefficiency of having over-big government as our Albatross, taking over half of what we produce---itself producing nothing.

Want to cut pollution in half? Cut government down to constitutional size.

God seems to like us even though we cause Him and ourselves so much trouble; why shouldn't we?

Mike Smith
Chase City, VA

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