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Dear Editor:

Mecklenburg County could feed itself and surrounding counties. Perhaps Southside could be the bread basket for a large surrounding area---and may soon have to.

Most of our arable land is now underused--or not at all. But our own government stands in the way of making general farming work, as our own government attempts to tighten the screws on what little liberty remains. As governments across the world's deliberately collapse the world's economy starving masses will want to eat. With no fuel to transport food across the continent---and from far beyond--- a great need in the near future will be locally grown food.

Stupid and destructive rules must be nullified by the few local and state folks who "get it" and have some authority to act so we can start planning to plant next year's crops. Or the total collapse of government and law and order within in the next few months will do the job for us.

Mike Smith
Chase City
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