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I saw this on Fox recently ... 72.5% of black babies are born out of wedlock. I don't know the % on white babies.

They went on to say because there are no fathers to guide the boys that is the main reason they get into trouble. Young girls getting pregnant - same story.

Let's face it ... our country is in meltdown over liberalism. If it isn't stopped and reversed ... we're destined for the dustbin of history.

Larry Henry - Knoxville
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Brenda Martinson  - Black kids abandoned at home by single parents | |07-19-2012 07:28:41
In Virginia Beach, Mr. Henry, most of the child drownings involve unsupervised or under-supervised black children. Because of their cultural backgrounds when they come to the beach, the parents turn them loose and they act like wild things. Running and playing and getting in the water without anyone except a possible lifeguard, who's overseeing thousands of other swimmers, for supervision and protection. Black parents have met the enemy and it is them!